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The starvation cycle in corporate social responsibility: How CSR professionals can right the ship

22:40 MIN

Carolyn Berkowitz, President and CEO of ACCP, and Sam Caplan explore how CSR professionals can get their teams out of the starvation cycle.

Systemic change requires bold solutions

69:19 minutes

What is the ‘S’ in ESG, and how do you measure it?

27:10 minutes

The challenge model: How to flip the philanthropy script

30:03 minutes

A blueprint for high-engagement CSR programs

28:23 minutes

What the data says about the future of social impact

29:42 minutes

Constructing a Purpose-Built Career

26:15 minutes

Breakthroughs in Social Impact: How Integrated CSR Unlocks Innovation

26 minutes

Lessons from the Future of CSR and Corporate Volunteering

30 minutes

Conversations at the Heart of CSR

30 minutes

The Opportunity Motivation: Effective Altruism and Our Impetus to Give

29 minutes

Accessibility, Advocacy, Representation: How Philanthropy Can Step Up for the Disability Community

33 minutes

Leaders Never Stop Emerging: Embracing the Next Generation of Philanthropic Changemakers

35 minutes

From Transactional to Transformative: How Intention Can Remake Corporate Volunteering

30 minutes

Riding the Hype Curves: Community Foundations, Crypto, and DAFs

31 minutes

How Tech Can Turn Silos Into Systems Change

15 minutes

4 Trends Shaping Philanthropy in 2022

12 minutes

Advancing DEI Day to Day: From Why to How with WarnerMedia

15 minutes

From Evolution to Revolution: How Grants Managers Can Remake Philanthropy

29 minutes

The State of Corporate Purpose: Insights from CECP's 2021 Giving in Numbers Report

20 minutes

John Mohr and Sam Caplan: Democratizing Philanthropy with the Common App

31 minutes

7 Principles for Measuring Impact

17 minutes

Chantal Forster and Sam Caplan: Technology Accelerates Change

29 minutes

Kari Aanestad: Equity, Honesty, and #FixTheForm

15 minutes

Edgar Villanueva and Sam Caplan: How Can Philanthropy Decolonize Wealth?

59 minutes

Shaady Salehi: Tackling Common Misconceptions about Trust-Based Philanthropy

12 minutes

Luther Hughes and Lydia Boss: Antiracism, Community-building, and Grants for Artists

12 minutes

Louise Bleach and Mark Horoszowski: CSR, Social Enterprise, and Doing Well by Doing Good

14 minutes

Satonya Fair and Sam Caplan: Philanthropy, Impact, and the Future of Grantmaking

56 minutes

Impact Audio: Trailer

3 minutes

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