Put funds in the right hands

Mitigate fraud without hindering your ability to act quickly using Submittable’s industry-leading fraud prevention tools that are robust yet simple to implement.

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Stop fraud at the point of application

Billions of dollars are lost to fraud every year. But the impact of fraud goes far beyond monetary consequences. It damages trust in important institutions during vital times of need. Submittable has the features and services you need to stop fraud at the point of application and protect your reputation.

For individuals, you can embed fraud prevention tools like knowledge based authentication (KBA) and identity verification (IDV) by simply dragging and dropping them into your application form. We handle the rest—including providing instructions to applicants.

For organizations, you can use entity verification and data validation services that ensure the organization is who they say they are and that the data they provide is accurate. The validation these services provide help your team move forward with confidence, disbursing funds to those that need it most. 


Simple for everyone but fraudsters

KBA and IDV only take a few moments for legitimate applicants to complete, while validation services happen seamlessly in the background. They’re all easy for your team to implement and for you applicants to complete at the point of application.

Knowledge based authentication quiz

Submittable’s Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA) quiz gives applicants five minutes to answer five questions about their personal history drawn from public and private data sources, including credit reports and transaction histories. 

Operate with confidence

KBA is one reason why Submittable is the most trusted government grant management software in the US. According to TAG, 20% government grantmakers use Submittable, more than any other tool.

Identity verification

Submittable’s Identity Verification (IDV) tool prompts applicants to submit both a photo of their government-issued photo ID and a selfie taken in real-time. It then verifies the applicants identity by comparing the two photos. Along the way, they are guided to fix any issues such as bad lighting.

Act globally

IDV recognizes over 10,000 different government-issued IDs in 190 countries so you can operate just about anywhere on Earth.

Validation services

Entity verification and data validation services will confirm the data provided to you is accurate. For example, these services can confirm if a business is in good standing, compare declared revenue to tax information, and verify firmographic data (e.g. number of employees).

Protect your reputation

As we’ve seen in the aftermath of PPP in response to COVID-19, instances of fraud bring a painful backlash. Data validation services allow you to reduce fraud risk up-front and gain peace of mind.


Be decisive in times of crisis

Governments and other emergency relief funders need to respond quickly to help those in need, making them particularly vulnerable to fraudsters. With KBA, IDV, and data validation services, grant administrators can act quickly without taking up the applicants’ precious time or bogging their team down with busywork. 

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Build a secure foundation for a great program

Fraud prevention is the prerequisite for a truly impactful program. Once you know your funds are going to those that need it most, you can build a truly great applicant and reviewer experience.

To do good work, you need the best tools

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