Lesson 2: Build a form


The work you accomplish with Submittable begins with your first form. Forms allow you to collect exactly the information you need in the best format for your workflow. Submittable’s drag-and-drop form builder will help you organize and design what submitters or applicants see when they visit your form to submit information to your organization.

To begin building a form:

  • From the main page in your Submittable account, click Forms at the top navigation bar

  • Click + New Form on the right side of the page

Using form fields

Submittable’s drag-and-drop form builder includes 17 form fields to help you easily customize the form and content of information you collect.

Name your submission form

The Initial Form Name will help you identify this form. It’s also the name applicants or submitters will select from your main Submittable page to apply to your opportunity. 

As submissions come in, they will be automatically numbered. If you’d prefer to have them named, check the Add Submission Name box. Instruct the submitter using the Submission Name Question—many organizations ask for an applicant name, organization name, or submission title.

Choose to add a submission fee to your form

You have the option to add a submission fee that will apply to all submitters. Check the Add Submission Fee box, and specify the amount and currency type for your fee. Add a description of the fee in the Description box.

Add Form Fields

Each form field is a distinct piece of information you can request from a submitter. The form field options are listed on the left. You can drag and drop them into your form (or double click, if you prefer). Use the File Upload form field to request attachments. Explore specific details on each form field to customize your form.

Selecting field options

Within each form field, there are several options which may vary based on your account type. Use these options to encourage form completion, mitigate bias, collect revenue, streamline the applicant experience, and apply labels automatically as submissions come in. 

  • Eliminate incomplete applications by checking Response Required.

  • Hide information from specific team members or facilitate an anonymous review process by checking Blind Review

  • Charge a fee by checking Add Payment in one of the following field types: Dropdown List, Single Checkbox, Multiple Response, Single Response, or File Upload (where you can charge per file). Organizations use fees in a variety of ways.

Learn more about field options, including Form Logic and Auto Labels, to enhance your process.

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