Lesson 1: An Introduction to Submittable


Welcome to Submittable. Submittable software helps organizations collect and review any kind of digital content. In one centralized, secure platform, your team can manage submissions and applications for a nearly endless range of opportunities. With modern and intuitive submission management software, you can be sure that every search will be a success.

How Organizations Use Submittable

Thousands of organizations across industries and around the world use Submittable to:

  • Collect submissions or applications  

  • Collaborate with their team and their applicants

  • Review submissions and make decisions 

  • Report on their results and impact

The software is flexible and customizable, so you can use Submittable for multiple processes across departments. 

101 Syllabus

We designed the following lessons to provide a high-level overview of Submittable workflows for users at all levels, on any plan. If you ever need more assistance, explore the help center and connect with technical support.

    1. Introduction to Submittable

    2. Build a form

    3. Customize your account

    4. Assemble your team

    5. Create a project

    6. Set up your review process

    7. Launch and share your opportunity

    8. Manage your process

    9. Report on results

    10. Explore Submittable further

Explore ways to use Submittable

Submittable is powerful enough for any workflow, but easy enough for any team to use.

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