Full-service funds tracking and delivery

Distribute payments directly to recipients with a click of a button while you track and report on the money you’ve granted–all in Submittable.

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Stop writing checks and wrangling paperwork

Trigger award payments with a click of the button in the same platform you’re already using to collect applications and make decisions. Track available and awarded funds with a comprehensive dashboard while you receive regular reports on payment progress. 

Applicants receive a secure direct bank transfer in as little as 48 hours after your team triggers the payment. No action required on the recipients’ part. 

The result? No more paper checks, internal red tape, or dealing with awardee tax forms. It all adds up to more time you can focus on your important mission-driven work.


Manage the entire process of funds disbursement

From launching your program to sending payments to reporting on progress, Submittable takes the headache out of disbursing funds.

See where your money is going

The Funds dashboard shows how much money you’ve disbursed, who you’ve sent that money to, and how much you have left in your budget. Build on this insight by reporting across the funding cycle using advanced reporting tools that allow you to dive deeper. You can even export all this data to an external data warehouse or a finance tool to gain more context.

Stay on budget

Alway know exactly how much money you’ve awarded and how much is left in your budget. Then communicate your status with all stakeholders. You can even use your reporting to adjust your program after it’s live to make sure you’re following through on your mission.

Trigger payments with one click

Simply click the “Make a Payment” button and pay the entire award or a custom amount. Submittable serves as the recipient's point of contact, and partners with trusted payment vendors, like Payoneer and U.S. Bank, to get payments delivered swiftly and securely, often in as little as 48 hours.

Get your time back

Automate the busywork of awarding funds so you can focus on the more important work of fulfilling your mission. For example, LIIF was able to disburse $2,718,000 to 68 awardees quickly to fund child care services in the Washington D.C. area.

Automate messages and communicate in one tool

All communication is handled through Submittable, so the recipient applies and receives funds through the same platform. Create response templates for each type of applicant and enter dynamic fields to auto-populate information. Submittable will even automatically produce and file a 1099 and send the awardee a copy. 

Eliminate back-and-forth

Provide a seamless applicant experience by centralizing and automating your funds distribution communication. No more mis-deliveries, paper checks, or back-and-forth between your team and applicants. You can handle it all within Submittable.


Fund future scholars

Funds distribution allows you to manage many programs from start to finish, for example scholarships. From initial applications to reference checks to awards, Submittable handles it all and provides both you and your applicants one place to go for all communication. 

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Part of a full-suite software

With secure integrations, robust fraud prevention tools, and powerful customization, Submittable makes funds disbursement even more seamless.

More impact doesn’t mean more busywork

Schedule a Submittable demo today to see how you can increase your impact while reducing busywork using tools like fund disbursement.

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