Why Submittable

We believe progress is possible.


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So our mission is simple

To accelerate mission-driven work.

It should be easier to do good.

Good social impact software propels your purpose without dictating how you achieve it. 

We speak to a lot of social impact professionals–people working at foundations, on CSR teams, and in the public sector–and a common pain point we hear is that their jobs are tedious. 

Rigid tools, outdated systems, and manual processes all get in the way of work that matters. You need your tools to provide:



If you manage social good programs, you need the ability to run them exactly as you intend with software that simply works as it should.

This means launching your programs as quickly as you want and making changes at any point all on your own.

Submittable is approximately 3000% easier to use than our previous tool. It’s intuitive, easy to use, and flexible.

Amy Marcus

Senior Accreditations Program Manager, HubSpot



You need tools that provide a great applicant and employee experience that’s also user-friendly for everyone on your team.

This means accessibility built in from the ground up and a modern design anyone can use, whether they’re in the office or on their phone.

Instead of spending 80% of my time helping applicants navigate a cumbersome & clunky website, I now spend time talking about the ROI of our funding opportunity.

Grants Specialist at a State Court System



There is a lot of good work to do, and you need tools that help you make time to do it well.

This means offloading menial tasks to automations and workflows. And it means eliminating time wasted figuring out confusing software.

Personally, Submittable has probably saved me five to 10 hours a week.

Sarah Mitchell

Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, Trulieve



Throughout the life of your program, you need an easy way to connect the dots between your team, coworkers, applicants, reviewers, spreadsheets, email threads, etc.

This means creating one location for all your information that everyone can work from with easy access to data and reports.

We save SO much time with Submittable! It has really streamlined workflows and is an exceptional experience for both applicants and reviewers.

Associate Director at a higher education institution



You need a partner, not just a tech vendor, that serves as an extension of your team.

This means onboarding and ongoing support from people who care about your work just as much as you do.

98% of Submittable clients that used them would recommend our implementation services.

Important work deserves great tools.

When you choose a career in nonprofit work, social impact, or the public sector, you’re dedicating your working life to addressing big, difficult challenges: hunger, youth mental health, climate change, and so on.

The answers to these challenges aren’t in grand gestures, but in steady meaningful work day-in and day-out. We make tools that make this daily work easier for you, so you can make great change happen.

And great people to help make it happen.

Adam Schlumbohm
IT and Operations Manager
Bella Starkweather
Mid Market Customer Success Manager
Diana Anyango
Solutions Engineering Manager
Don Thomas
Director of Business Development
Jenna Kober
Mid Market Account Executive