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Use technology to shift power in your grantmaking

You care about running a trust-based grantmaking program. But how can you put your values into action? This guide will show you what to look for in a grant management software in order to help put your principles into practice.

What this guide covers

Learn what specific capabilities you need to look for in your grant management software in order to better follow each of the six principles of trust-based philanthropy, as identified by the Trust-Based Philanthropy Project.

Follow the 6 Principles of Trust-Based Philanthropy

The Trust-Based Philanthropy Project has identified six key principles to share power and create lasting change. This guide will show you the features to look for to follow each of them.

Give multi-year, unrestricted funding

Do the homework

Simplify and streamline paperwork

Be transparent and responsive

Solicit and act on feedback

Provide support beyond the check

Operationalize your values with the right technology

See how a grant management solution can make it easier to run a trust-based approach. Download this guide today to put your good intentions into action.

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