Measure your impact and take action

Get clear insight and data you can use to improve and assess the impact of your program with Submittable’s reporting tools.

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Data that’s not for the sake of data

Data is only as valuable as its interpretation. Submittable makes it easy to analyze data so you can measure results against objectives, answer stakeholder questions, and prepare to do better. 

Use a whole suite of reporting tools from dashboards to data exports to custom advanced reports. Together, these tools make Submittable great for grant reporting, CSR reporting, and even in-depth audit-read reports for government agencies.


Dive deep into your data

Or stay shallow. With Submittable’s reporting features, you can quickly check in on your progress and make sure everything is on track. You can even export a more robust data set for more extensive analysis.

Stay up-to-date with dashboards

For CSR reporting, Submittable allows you to build quick dashboard reports to gauge if you’re on-track to both fulfill your core mission and meet bottom-line goals.

Measure results that matter

Set goals around submitter demographics, review timelines, or funding disbursement. Submittable helps evaluate your progress and successes.

Get clear answers from custom reports

As a grant reporting tool, Submittable allows you to create custom reports to your exact specifications to understand how your program is progressing. Then, you can use these custom reports to bring all stakeholders up to speed.

Identify trends and act quickly

Easily answer all your questions: Does your applicant pool reflect your organization's inclusive mission? Is there a bottleneck slowing your review team down? 

Create audit-ready advanced reports

Healthcare and government grantmakers along with any others looking for compliance-focused reports can use Submittable’s advanced reporting features. These tools allow you to create and save reports on virtually every field of every form for anything from spot-checks to year-over-year analysis. Plus, you can export Submittable data with our numerous secure integrations

Visualize impact

A picture is worth a thousand words, and sometimes a chart or graph can make all the difference. Submittable tools build them for you—or export your data to create your own.


Include all stakeholders in community investment programs

The suite of reporting and data tools built into Submittable are designed to get you the intel you need and the ability to share with anyone who needs it. From impact reports to bulk data exports to dashboards to activity logs, all the data you need is at your (and your stakeholders’) fingertips. All so you can, for instance, run more inclusive community investment programs.

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Gain confidence in more than just the numbers

Submittable is built from the ground up to help you move quickly and with confidence, whether that’s creating audit-ready, compliant reports or implementing fraud prevention with just a couple of clicks.

Good work requires great reporting tools

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