Lesson 5: Create a Project


Your Project is how you bring your opportunity into the universe. Under Projects, begin by selecting Create New Project.

Add General Guidelines

You can set up distinct parameters for every Project in your Submittable account to customize distinct workflows. 

Add any General Guidelines for your Project.

Under the first tab in your Project, General Settings, you’ll have the option to add guidelines, such as what you are looking for and who is eligible to apply.

Select a form

You’ll add an Initial Form to your Project to get started. 

Select an Initial Form.

From the dropdown menu, select the Initial Form that submitters will fill out. To create a new one, select New Initial Form. Once you make a selection, use the View shortcut to make sure you grabbed the right Form.

Set start and end dates

You have the option to set the date when your Project goes live, as well as when it will automatically expire. Adding an expiration date to your Project, rather than simply including it in your guidelines, helps protect you against late submissions. 

Set the start and end date

From the General Guidelines tab, use the calendars to set the dates that your call will remain open. If left blank (and set live), your call will go live immediately upon saving and remain available indefinitely.

Explore ways to use Submittable

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