Powerful integrations for automated workflows

Submittable offers a two-way API as well as pre-built and custom integrations, so you can enjoy efficient and cohesive workflows across your tech stack.


From out-of-the-box to custom-built

Some of our integrations are built-in. For others, you can build your own integrations via our two-way API, or let us do it for you. Submittable also offers enterprise customers flexible and highly customizable integrations, including across in-house and legacy softwares (cloud or on-premises). Talk to us to find the option that’s best for your organization.

Connect all your favorite tools

Check out just a few of the most popular integrations for Submittable customers.

Informed review

Bring external data from sources like Candid into Submittable to be easily accessible to reviewers for needs such as verifying nonprofit financial standing.

Automated workflows

Build your Submittable workflow around data from outside sources to achieve efficiencies for tasks such as review assignments and stage routing.

Streamlined disbursements

Connect Submittable with your ERP to digitize grant transaction data being shared between granting agencies and your department of finance.

Visibility across agencies

Share data back and forth between Submittable and your internal sources of record like PeopleSoft so that departments across your organization work with a shared understanding of data.

Simplified contract execution

Automate contracts in tools like DocuSign based on data gathered in Submittable forms that trigger upon grant approval and upload into your Submittable account.

Enhanced relationship management

Keep your CRM like Salesforce as your source of truth by bringing Submittable awardee and payment info to keep all records complete and up to date.

It's easy to get started

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