Submittable's powerful integrations for next-level automated workflows


Further leverage your Submittable data

We understand that your application and submission processes are just one piece of a more complex puzzle. It’s easy to integrate your Submittable data into all of your other essential applications.

Our integrations include, but are not limited to:

  • Task and project managers like Asana and

  • CRMs like Salesforce

  • Email clients like Mailchimp and Gmail

  • Team chat like Slack

  • Databases like Airtable and Excel

  • Cloud storage like Dropbox and Box

  • Marketing automation like Hubspot and ActiveCampaign

  • Accounting like Quickbooks and FreshBooks

  • Payment processing like Stripe

  • Social media like Twitter

  • Developer tools like GitHub

  • Event management like Splash

E-signatures for contracts

Streamline agreements through DocuSign Integration

Submittable's custom DocuSign Integration is the most convenient way for you to gather e-signed grant agreements and other contracts from your applicants and awardees.

Do more with what you have

Our integrations streamline workflows across your applications. It’s one more way Submittable saves you time (and sanity), so you can focus on what’s most important to you.

A holistic approach

Incorporating your Submittable data into other business applications is an integral step to creating a cohesive data environment.

A powerful time-saver

By automating workflows across your various essential business tools, the efficiencies gained on Submittable will multiply.

An elegant solution

No need to spend thousands of dollars on a third party developer or deal with the headache of an unnecessary piece of software.

Find the right fit

With Submittable, you can build your own integrations or let us do it for you. Choose the option that’s best for your organization.

User-friendly DIY

Through Zapier, you can connect Submittable to hundreds of other apps. Browse available integrations and find instructions.

For developers

Connect to Submittable’s external API for programmatic access in order to read or manipulate data. Find it here.

Leave it to us

Regardless of the scope of your desired integration, rely on our solutions engineers to get it done. Learn more.

It's easy to get started

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