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We're building thoughtful AI tools for social impact, so that we can build a better future–together.

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What’s possible with AI right now?

Right now, AI can save you time. There is a lot of busywork on all sides of social impact programs that we’ll speed up or eliminate with AI tools that:

Help applicants fill in information quickly and authentically.

Help reviewers and administrators extract accurate information from PDFs.

Help administrators create forms in seconds using natural language prompts.

The future of social impact is vitally human

The problems social impact people work to solve are human problems that require human solutions. To understand where AI tools fit within this very human work, we must first understand what the people doing this work want to achieve.


I want to be a strong advocate

Grantees want to spend more time passionately advocating for and actively addressing their cause. This starts with reducing the amount of time they spend on rote, basic questions for each and every application.

What we're thinking about:

How can we reduce grantee burden?

How can we make sure automations prioritize equity?

"People in the nonprofit space are so pressed for time. The biggest benefit of AI in organizations that really can't afford the staffing levels of a corporate [organization] is in those basic, menial tasks."

A grantee

Ethical AI starts with firm principles

Five principles direct our AI work. These principles help us make sure we’re developing tools that are as responsible as they are transformative.


Help people make better decisions and achieve more while preserving human agency.


Experts will continuously monitor, evaluate, and improve our AI tools.


Make users aware of when, where, and why they’re interacting with AI.


Identify, mitigate, and correct for bias and engage stakeholders in model development.

Private & Secure

Implement the strictest measures to ensure all data is private, secure, and never shared.

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AI tools built with you, for you

AI is powerful. And with any such technology we need to be thoughtful about how we use and develop it.

To that end, we’re working with you to build these tools responsibly. Here are some of the insights we’re working with as a part of our research.

Funder 1

Funder 2

Grantee 1

Grantee 2

Funder 3

I need a B.S. meter

AI might make it challenging – from a funding point of view – to understand if a robot wrote it, or the individual did. [I need] a B.S.-meter, candidly. I want to know if the applicant is speaking from the heart.

Partnering with the best to create the best

Submittable is proud to be a Microsoft Tech for Social Impact prioritized partner. We’re also using Azure OpenAI services to create industry-leading AI tools built upon the most advanced infrastructure.

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We’re actively writing, researching, and thinking deeply about how AI affects the social impact sector and the world at large.