Learn more about Submittable, its features, and how to do even more with your team.

Meet Submittable

Watch how Submittable is improving the way teams work together to collect and review anything, from anywhere, anytime.

Get to know Submittable

Learn more about Submittable and how different teams and individuals use the platform to move their work forward.

Intro to Give by Submittable

Drive higher engagement in your corporate giving program with a better, simpler giving platform.

Intro to Volunteer

Meet your employee engagement goals by making your corporate volunteering program more easy, meaningful, and fun.

Submittable for Grants

An overview of how teams are maximizing their impact and moving grantmaking forward with Submittable.

Submittable for Corporate Social Responsibility

Discover giving back made easy with an all-in-one CSR platform that ensures that your donated resources have maximum impact.

Submittable for Higher Education (full length)

Learn how Submittable helps colleges and universities achieve more with less work. This video walks through 13+ of the ways Submittable is used across campus.

Getting Started as a Reviewer

If you've been added to a Submittable account as a reviewer, start here to learn about what's coming next. Or if you're an administrator, share this with your reviewing team.

Getting Started as a Submitter

If you'd like to submit or apply for an opportunity on Submittable, start with this quick overview. Or if you're a Submittable client, consider sharing this intro in your guidelines.

Product Demo for Submitters and Applicants (Full Length)

You're ready to submit your work to one of our client organizations? Wonderful! Here's a full-length demo of how Submittable works for the individual applicant or submitter.

Submittable for Higher Education

A quick overview of how Submittable helps colleges and universities achieve more with less across campus.

Join Our Team

Submittable is dedicated to social impact and to our exceptional team of smart, innovative do-gooders.

Submittable features

Take a closer look at some of Submittable's features and learn what you can do.

How to build a form

This video shows you how to build a form in Submittable’s drag-and-drop form builder. Forms are what your applicants or submitters fill out to be considered for your opportunity.

Intro to Fraud Prevention

Mitigate fraud with sophisticated identity verification tools without introducing any friction into your process.

Intro to Impact Reports

Measure and report on your impact through automated aggregation of your qualitative and quantitative data.

Introduction to Concealed Responses

Concealing responses helps you run an objective review process by reducing bias when you conceal personally identifying and other applicant data from your review team, such as demographics.

Introduction to Labels and Auto Labels

Labels and auto labels are time saving tools that keep your data organized and streamline your workflow.

Intro to Eligibility Forms

Learn how to screen applicants for eligibility with Eligibility Forms, the easy way to be respectful of the time of both your applicants and your team.

Introduction to Gallery

Gallery automatically uploads submissions into a visually engaging gallery with optional flexible voting tools.

Introduction to Additional Forms

Learn how to use Additional Forms to gather the information you need at the right point in your process—such as to collect a progress report, to check in with applicants, or gather more detailed information.

How to collect fees and payments

Submittable offers a number of flexible options to collect fees, payments, purchases, donations and more.

How to create a project

This video goes over how to create a new project, from selecting the form you’d like to have applicants fill out, adjusting your notification settings, to creating a custom review process that works for your organization.

How to add a team member

Submittable is an ideal platform to collaborate with your team, such as reviewers, judges, or administrators, whether they are near or far. This video goes over how to add team members to your account.

How to use response templates

Response templates are a convenient tool that you can use to personalize bulk messages to your submitters and your team. This video goes over how to customize, create, and use response templates in messages to your submitters and your team.

How to set up your Submittable look and feel

Personalize the look and feel of your form by uploading a header image containing your organization's name and/or logo, and by customizing your form's colors, font, and button text.

Introduction to Funds

Funds is a Submittable feature that makes it easy to track and award payments and stay on budget. With Funds, you can stay on top of your awards to applicants, so you always know your capacity to give.

Introduction to Advanced Reporting

Advanced Reporting brings your data to life, allowing you to analyze virtually every field from unlimited forms. From the demographic data of your applicants to year-over-year results, Advanced Reporting helps you measure the impact of your program.

Introduction to form logic

With form logic, you integrate branching into your form, to create a dynamic form that populates different follow up questions based on an applicant’s previous answers.

Introduction to collaboration on submissions

Learn how multiple people can collaborate together on a collective application, in real time.

How to set up your review process

Learn how to customize your review process to your organization's needs.