We've got you covered with our all-encompassing submission and review platform. From drag-and-drop form builders to custom review processes, you can create a unique workflow from start-to-finish.


Collect any content

Create unique forms for each project and collect important submission materials in one place. Easily customize your portal, form pages, and internal dashboard to complement your brand.

Branded portals

Create a portal that looks and feels like your organization, from color to layout. Add your unique, brand image above custom guidelines and submission details.

Online forms

Easily drag and drop to build a form that fits your needs exactly, with dozens of question types such as radio lists, text fields, and dropdown menus.

Eligibility screening

Screen for eligibility before an applicant reaches your form, including tax exempt IRS statuses verified by Candid (formerly Guidestar).

Form logic

Integrate branching into your form to create a concise and dynamic form that varies according to applicant responses.

Payment processing

Request submission fees or collect additional payments easily. Solicit donations, market subscriptions, or even sell merchandise right on your form


Eliminate Submittable branding from your account with custom CSS and white labeling with advanced customization. You can also translate submission pages, forms, and internal dashboard into any language so it’s accessible for your audience.

File uploads

Collect over 50+ file types including images, audio, and video. View content directly in your Submittable account at any time without the need to download it.

Collaborative submissions

Allow real-time collaboration among groups of applicants for collective applications. Communicate with all collaborators within the platform to keep everyone on the same page.

Reference forms

Design a form specifically for third party references, and integrate the request right into your application.

Collaborate with your team

Keep all correspondence with submitters and reviewers in one platform for smooth communication and easy hand-offs.

Batch emails & email templates

Communicate with submitters and reviewers en masse. Use templated responses or create a unique message to accept, decline, or request information.

Automatic and manual team assignments

Automatically assign submissions to reviewers based on specific criteria, or manually distribute submissions as they arrive. You can also randomly assign submissions to a set number of reviewers.

Reminders & notifications

Facilitate communication between reviewers and submitters with intuitive notifications. You can remind team members about unreviewed submissions or politely nudge submitters to finish an application.

Additional forms

After a submission is completed, collect important additional information from applicants with follow up forms. Keep all communication and materials in one place for easy reference.

Search & archive

Filter and organize submissions based on a variety of criteria. Keep submitter information at your fingertips and store completed submissions for later use.

Auto labels

Organize submissions automatically as they come in with customizable labels allowing you to filter with ease and search by response type.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Allow your team to log in to Submittable using their regular preferred credentials for a simplified user experience without new passwords.

Make better decisions, faster

Empower reviewers with an intuitive process, guaranteeing smart selections.

Simple & advanced reviews

Review submissions with yes/maybe/no voting or create a custom rubric for reviewers to fill out with qualitative and quantitative data. 

Anonymous submissions

Hide applications materials such as name and email to preserve anonymity and reduce reviewer bias.  

Review workflow

Customize your multi-round review process and add the specific stages you need, such as a final review or a stage for candidates on a wait list.

Permission levels

Control the amount of visibility your reviewers and team members have with five unique permission levels. 

Shareable reviews

Share feedback from multiple rounds and/or reviewers directly with applicants to guide their next application or charge for expertise.

Gallery view

Display submissions such as images, videos, and gifs for public voting in a visually engaging gallery.

Report on results

Know what your data is saying. View dashboards, run reports, and export easily to analyze what is and isn’t working with your application process.

Advanced reporting

Drill down into your data, filter for the fields you want to see, create charts, and analyze your impact. 


Quickly view your submission and review progress across all forms. Filter specific forms and date ranges to see submissions by label, total number received, and more.

Funds tracking

Track the award and payment of funds to applicants. Always know where your funds stand, how much you’ve awarded,  and to whom.

Reports and data exports

Run reports for deep analysis and sharing with relevant parties. Enjoy batch export for greater efficiency.


Integrate and connect Submittable with the apps and tools you value most, including Zapier, Salesforce, and Quickbooks.

API access

Extend the functionality of Submittable's software to leverage your data across your business applications.

Take Submittable to the next level

We offer engineered solutions including enhanced customization of your Submittable page to match your brand, localization, SSO, data import, and more.

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Set yourself up for success

Our onboarding specialists works with you one-on-one meet your unique goals, providing personalized recommendations based on product expertise and extensive knowledge of best practices across industries.

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Always secure, always compliant, and always accessible

We follow industry best practices regarding data security and maintain various certifications of compliance as well as security features. Learn more.

We believe Submittable should be accessible to everyone, regardless of ability, and maintain best industry standards.

It's easy to get started

Get a free demo account and custom quote for your organization.

It's easy to get started

Get a free demo account and custom quote for your organization.