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Choose your own feature adventure

We’ll help you customize Submittable to meet your exact needs.

Explore Everything

With Submittable, you get to choose which features you want, and which you don’t—all to meet your needs and budget.

Drag & Drop Forms

Customize forms with text box fields, tables, dropdowns, checkboxes, radio lists, and more.

50+ File Types

Accept any image, audio, video, or specialized file type without having to download the content.

Conditional Logic

Build forms that adapt in real-time based on how submitters respond to specific questions.


Translate your submission page and internal dashboard into any language.

Terms & Conditions

Require submitters to agree to your terms and conditions with a single click.

Add-on Payments

Sell subscriptions, memberships, merchandise, and more.


Collect additional information, such as dimensions, credits, and titles, when submitters upload a file.


Label submissions automatically to help filter and search by responses.

Review Forms

Create customizable review questions with text-based, numerical, and scoring-based fields.

Response Templates

Use default email response templates (or create your own) to accept, decline, or request more information from submitters.

Reference Letters

Enable submitters to request reference letters. Responses will be automatically uploaded and attached to their application.

Custom URL

Blend your Submittable page with your current website using a custom URL in your own domain.

White Labeling

Eliminate Submittable branding from your account to match your company’s website and brand.

Single Sign-On (SSO) Authentication

Integrate Submittable with your website login. Submitters and reviewers can sign in to their Submittable account at the same time they log in to your website.

Unlimited Forms

Offer unlimited calls for submissions.

Submittable Button

Embed a customizable “Submit” button on your website with a direct link to your form.

Advanced Search

Use filters to search and organize submissions based on specific criteria. Team members have the option to filter assignments based on whether or not they’ve been reviewed.

Automatic & Manual Assignments

Automatically distribute submissions to reviewers based on specific categories, or manually assign submissions as they arrive.

Random Team Assignments

Randomly assign submissions to a set number of reviewers.

Blind Submissions

Keep specific submitter information, such as names and email addresses, hidden from lower-level team members to preserve anonymity.

Labels & Notes

Add labels to submissions to improve searchability. Leave comments on submissions for other team members to read or for personal reference.

Expandable Teams

Grow your review team to any size.

Review & Voting Options

Use basic yes/no voting or create advanced custom review forms.

5 Team Member Levels

Assign permission and access levels to different team members.


Automatically notify team members when submissions need review, and notify submitters when they have unfinished Additional Forms.

Accept/Decline Workflow

Accept or decline submissions individually or in batches.

Submission Editing

Allow submitters to edit their form information, as well as add, replace, or delete files attached to their submission, after they’ve already submitted.

Form Visit Reports

Access a report of submitters who started but didn’t finish submitting a form.

Reference Letters

Enable submitters to request reference letters. Responses are automatically uploaded and attached to the application.

Batch Email

Create custom email templates to contact submitters in batches throughout the review process.

Submission Data

View any submission and its review history with a single click.

Automatic Scores

Calculate review scores automatically based on upvotes and review form fields.


Integrate Submittable data with hundreds of additional platforms and programs, such as Salesforce, Slack, and MailChimp, using API integrations or Zapier.

Individual & Batch Exports

View submissions in your browser or download the original files. Batch exports are also available.

Form Visit Reports

Access a report of submitters who started but didn’t finish submitting a form.