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Meet Submittable

At Submittable, we’re driven by the belief that technology can be a force for good. Our clients further social good through programs that reach millions of people around the world. The easier it is to run these programs, make smart decisions, and measure and improve on results, the greater their impact can be.

Our story

Submittable was launched in 2010 by three creatives—a writer, a filmmaker, and a musician—who wanted to simplify the process of submitting their work for review.

Over a decade and nearly 20 million submissions later, what started as a way to support artists and creatives has grown into an end-to-end platform for managing any social impact program— from grants and corporate giving programs to awards, scholarships, creative arts and more.

spring 2009

Submittable is born, during a conversation at Missoula’s Uptown Diner.

summer 2012

Submittable founders complete Y Combinator.

fall 2012

Submittable collects its millionth submission.

summer 2019

We secure Series B funding led by Next Coast Ventures. We hire our 100th employee.

fall 2019

Submittable makes Inc.’s 5000 Fastest Growing list

winter 2010

Our first client (and our first submission).

summer 2017

We secure Series A funding from True Ventures.


Submittable wins 2020 Montana State Employers’ Council (MSEC) Employers’ Choice Award

fall 2020

Submittable hires Thor Culverhouse as its new CEO.

winter 2020

We hit a new annual record—3.8M applications processed—as customers respond to COVID-19 and movements for social justice.

Our leadership team

Thor Culverhouse

Chief Executive Officer

Brady Meltzer

Chief Revenue Officer

Andy Wright

Chief Product Officer

Joe Silver

Chief Financial Officer

Keriann Strickland

Chief Marketing Officer

Katie Lane

VP of Talent

Art Messal

VP of Engineering

Where we work

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Submittable’s headquarters are in downtown Missoula, Montana.


Submittable has an office in downtown Bellevue, Washington at the City Center.


Remote employees work from their homes around the U.S.