Lesson 3: Customize your account

Personalize response templates

Response templates allow you to customize the email submitters get at various points in the review process, such as when their application is received, and when it has been accepted, declined, or completed. These messages enable professional, timely, and personalized communication that can be automated and shared with hundreds of submitters in one click.    

Customize the submission auto-response

From the top navigation bar, select More > Configurations > Response Templates

Submittable provides a generic response template for when a submission is first received. You can update this template by selecting Edit, or create a new template by selecting Create a response template.

Customize other templates

Which templates you modify or create will depend on your process. For responses that do not qualify as Accept or Decline, such as a request for more information or a progress report, use the Other category. Learn more about response templates to personalize your communications.

Establish your Look & Feel

By default, your organization’s name will appear at the top of your form in black text. Customize  Look & Feel to highlight your organization and ensure your submission page is consistent with your branding. To do this, go to More > Configurations > Look & Feel

Add a header image and adjust page styles

Upload a header image, customize your color scheme, choose a font family, or modify what your Submit button says.

Create General Guidelines

The text you include in the General Guidelines will appear at the top of your Submittable page above your submission forms. Clear guidelines help ensure that your organization receives appropriate, high-quality submissions with fewer questions from applicants. 

Complete your public profile and guidelines

Go to More > Account to begin. The information in your Public Profile will appear as part of your submission form. Required fields are noted with an asterisk. Include General Guidelines about your organization and submission call(s).

Explore ways to use Submittable

Submittable is powerful enough for any workflow, but easy enough for any team to use.

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