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    • New Features

      Add fillable tables and internal-use only fields to your submission forms

    • Helping You Help Others

      Simplify Your Grants Process

    • Gallery View

      Enable the public to vote on photos and videos

    • Response Templates

      Create and send elegant, customized emails to your submitters

    • Auto-Labels & Metadata

      Automatically label submissions & create custom metadata fields for files

    • Literary Journals Demo

      How to accept & review literary submissions with Submittable

    • 5 Features You May Not Know Exist

      Tips about auto-labels, title & cover letter fields, & more

    • Google Analytics

      How to set up & use Google Analytics with your Submittable account

    • Submittable for Grants Applications

      How to set up an application workflow for grants

    • Form Logic & Additional Forms

      Use branch logic & send additional forms to submitters

    • Submittable for Artist Residencies

      How to set up an application workflow for artist residencies

    • Scheduled Reminders

      Schedule reminders for reviewers & submitters to complete unfinished work