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5 Ways to Pre-Screen Grant Applicants

On Demand

On Demand

Whether you tend to generate more grant applications than you can handle or the candidates aren’t always ideal, adding an extra layer of screening can decrease your workload and save time.

This webinar covers ideas for five ways to pre-screen grant applicants and improve the process for both candidates and reviewers. We'll go over:

  • Making guidelines and eligibility requirements clear
  • Using smart forms to pre-screen
  • Auto labelling applications based on candidate responses
  • Holding phone interviews or grant information sessions
  • Communicating clearly with candidates

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Hosted by:

Host Caitlin Stainken

Caitlin Stainken is the Director of New Business at Submittable. She joined the team in 2015. Caitlin has an MFA in fiction from the University of Montana, and she’s an alumnus of the Chicago Neo-Futurists. At 5’4″, she’s the tallest woman in her family.

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