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Use Tables to Create Better Experiences for Applicants, Reviewers, and Admins

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On Demand

Submittable's Tables feature enables organizations to include fillable tables in their application form. Join our account managers for a live walk-through of the feature, how it works, and best practices for building your table. We'll also cover how tables can create:

  • A better experience for your reviewers: Using tables will standardize the formatting of the data you collect, making it easier for your reviewers to make a decision.
  • A better experience for your applicants and submitters: Providing a table in your form allows submitters to quickly input data without worrying about calculating the end result.
  • A better experience for your organization: Easily track budget reports or project updates from your awardees using tables in Additional Forms.

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Hosted by:

Host Amanda Jamison

Amanda Jamison joined the Submittable account management team in 2019. As an account manager, Amanda interacts with Submittable customers daily, collecting insights and feedback and providing personalized coaching and expertise to ensure customers get the most out of their Submittable accounts.

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