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6 Tips to Automate Your Grants Review Process

On Demand

On Demand

No matter the nature of your grant, it’s all too easy for the review process to quickly become complicated and time consuming. When your organization is short on staff, time, or both, automation can help you streamline review, saving you time to focus on what really matters: furthering your mission.

Join us for this webinar and learn how hundreds of other grantmakers have transformed a chaotic and time-consuming process into a streamlined and scalable one—and get practical takeaways to do the same.

We’ll cover how automation can help you automatically:

  • Weed out incomplete or undesirable applications;
  • Assign applications to reviewers;
  • Send reminders to reviewers and follow up with applicants, and more!

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Hosted by:

Host Caitlin Stainken

Caitlin Stainken is the Director of New Business at Submittable. She joined the team in 2015. Caitlin has an MFA in fiction from the University of Montana, and she’s an alumnus of the Chicago Neo-Futurists. At 5’4″, she’s the tallest woman in her family.

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