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Internal Applications

Streamline your internal workflow and review processes with Submittable.

Simplify your internal review workflow by moving it to a clean, central online platform. All your employees need is a browser in order to collaborate on a project--whether it’s making decisions about an internal hire, choosing which design is best for an upcoming product, or deciding what user-generated content should go on your company’s website. Within minutes, you can set up an internal submission form to collect and store the different potential options your employees will vote on. The ability to accept any type of file enables you to create a submission form for any media--from videos to images to audio. And all the data is secure.

Upgrade your submission workflow right now

Create a workplace submission category, and centralize your team's vetting process.

Building an efficient workplace submission workflow ensures you’re making the best decisions for your business. Here are a few examples of clients who have used Submittable to streamline their employee submission workflow:

  • books a million

    Content Approval

    Merchandising products in retail locations has become a science. Use Submittable to request and collect planogram photos from each of your store’s locations in order to verify that they’re correctly set up.

  • airbnb

    General Applications

    Companies and organizations have many application processes they need to execute, internally and externally. Instead of passing paper applications or sending endless emails, centralize the process.

  • first

    Corporate Internships

    Are you accepting applications for an internship? Accept and evaluate them in one central, online place with Submittable.

  • street easy

    Release forms

    Easily collect and store release forms from your employees and clients in one secure online location.

  • southwire

    Department Training

    Companies who have remote employees need simple ways to keep track of what they’re seeing in the field. Collect information and feedback in one central place.

How to review workplace submissions and other helpful ideas.

Create a submission form that is accessible from any device. With Submittable, the submission and review process is simple and elegant. In minutes, you can create a powerful mobile-friendly submission form, place a link or button to the form on your company website, and begin accepting submissions. The software allows you to establish a series of qualifying questions, and correlate all the proper data to the submission ahead of time. All you and your employees need is a browser to access and review the submissions.

Create team member accounts with appropriate permission levels. Our permission levels feature enables you to set higher permission levels for managers and administrators, so that only top-level team members can accept and decline applications, assign them to particular reviewers, and communicate with applicants. You can also set blind permission levels so that team members at certain permission levels cannot see identifying information about applicants, such as their names and email addresses.

Make decisions faster and smarter. By implementing the above and assigning permission levels to your team members, you can assign all incoming applications to lower-level team members for an initial review, so that higher-level team members only see valid, highly qualified applications. This helps streamline your decision-making process and make it more efficient.

Three tips for implementing an optimal employee workflow.


Build a robust, complete application form. Remember, the more you ask of the submitter at the initial point of submitting, the less you’ll need to ask later. If your submission form is for a corporate internship, ask for a resume and cover letter, and optionally use our reference letter feature to request reference letters.


Segment team members properly. An efficient way to curate content is to let lower-level team members initially review submissions first, and then have higher-level team members review the qualified remaining submissions. Use our permission levels feature to assign the appropriate review levels to each team member.


Optionally make submissions anonymous. Sometimes, when dealing with internal submissions, it’s smart to set up a blind review process.You have the option to make submissions anonymous to team members at or below your preferred blind-level settings. In order to gain the most insight, you’ll want to communicate to your team that their submission is completely anonymous and safe.

Make the most of your time by using Submittable’s submission form templates. Create your submission form in minutes by choosing a pre-created form template from our library. Choose from templates for employee applications, HR requests, expense reports, recruitment, and more. Submittable also gives you access to the submission tools you need to easily deploy and analyze your employee submissions, empowering you to make smarter decisions. And we take submission security and anonymity seriously, so rest assured knowing your data and insights are safe with us.


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Intuitive & Simple

Simple interface and powerful tools allow you to start accepting submissions in minutes.


We provide variety of plans for your size of organization.

Saves you time that you can focus on choosing the best submissions.


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Intuitive & Simple

Simple interface and powerful tools allow you to start accepting submissions in minutes.


We provide variety of plans for your size of organization.

Saves you time that you can focus on choosing the best submissions.


Our VIP plans let your account grow as your organization grows. Learn more