Communicate with everyone, easily

Submittable’s in-app communication tools take the headache out of collaborating and corresponding with both your team and your applicants.


Collaborate for better results

Teamwork makes the dream work. Easy, transparent communication with your team and your applicants—all in one place—leads to better outcomes for everyone.

Ultimate efficiency

Utilize templates and bulk messaging to send personalized messages in just a few clicks, without sacrificing clear, custom communication.

Thoughtful transparency

Submittable makes it super easy to communicate timelines and expectations—your applicants will appreciate your consideration of their experience.

Effortless organization

Repeat after us: no more searching through email. With Submittable, internal notes and correspondence live right alongside the submission in a single platform.

Streamline communication with response templates

Customize response templates for messages you send regularly. Schedule an interview, request additional information, or accept a submission, with a single click. Applicants will receive personalized messages, and you’ll save time.

Tools to save you time

Submittable offers a slew of features specifically designed to automate and streamline collaborative tasks.


As submissions come in or are moved to the next stage, automatically route them to the right reviewers.

Group assignments

Create teams of reviewers for assignments based on group expertise, submission type, or unique phases in your selection process.

Notes for your team

Leave notes for team members alongside submissions, and choose to make visible to all assignees or admins only.

Shareable reviews

Share reviews directly with applicants, individually or in bulk, to help them do better next time. You can even charge for this expertise.

Message drafts in progress

Send a message to submitters who have begun an application to remind them of your deadline or encourage them to submit.

Reviewer reminders

Easily schedule reminders that nudge reviewers to complete outstanding reviews.

It's easy to get started

Get a a personalized demo and help you find the perfect plan for your team.