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Join the thousands of film and music organizations that use Submittable’s software to accept and jury films, music submissions, podcasts, audition videos, screenplays, and more. Our intuitive submission management software enables you to play any video or audio submission in-browser, without having to download large files first. You can assign submissions to different jurors at key stages of the jurying process, centralize your jurors’ reviews and rankings, and easily communicate with submitters through our batch email and response template features. You can even place video entries online in a public forum so that a public audience can choose their favorites for you.

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Building an efficient jurying workflow ensures you’re choosing the most deserving entries for your festival or event. Here are a few examples of clients who have used Submittable to streamline their jurying process:

  • The Chicago International Film Festival

    Film festivals

    Film festival juries can watch, review, and score film submissions from within their browser, without having to download large files or watch DVDs.

  • Nashville Film Festival

    Screenplay competitions

    Review screenplays in any format for your film festival or film organization.

  • berklee

    Music school applications

    Accept audition tapes, audio recordings, and any other kind of digital content, along with reference letters, for your institution’s application process.

  • radiotopia

    Podcast submissions

    Accept podcast submissions and pitches for your radio station or network.

  • treefort Music Fest

    Music festivals

    Run a multi-faceted music festival and accept entries in music, performance art, film, and more.

How to solicit music and film submissions and other helpful ideas.

Create an online submission form that is accessible from any device. With Submittable, the submission and review process is simple and elegant. In minutes, you can create a powerful mobile-friendly submission form, place a link or button to the form on your website, and begin accepting submissions. The submission form allows you to establish a series of qualifying questions. You can even send submitters additional follow-up questions (such as a request for additional film or music samples, for example). All you and your team need is a browser to access and review the submissions.

Create accounts with appropriate permission levels for your jurors. Our permission levels feature enables you to set higher permission levels for administrators, so that only top-level jurors and administrators can accept and decline applications, assign them to particular jurors, and communicate with submitters. You can also set blind permission levels so that jurors at certain permission levels cannot see identifying information about submitters, such as their names and email addresses.

Curate first before opening votes to the public. For public-facing contests, our clients typically prefer to curate the entries first, before showing them to the public. This helps ensure that the entries are valid, do not violate rules or regulations, and are owned by the submitter. Our software enables you to easily distribute entries to jurors and to vote on them internally, before moving them on to a public audience.

Three tips for implementing an optimal film or music submission workflow.


Build a complete submission form. Remember, the more you ask of the submitter at the point of submitting, the less you’ll need to ask later.


Use our batch email system. Is your jury running a bit slower than anticipated, or do you need to change the deadline in your decision-making process? Our batch email system enables you to contact multiple submitters at once. Our data proves that submitters love to be kept in the loop, and fortunately, Submittable allows you to batch email everyone right from the Submittable interface.


Optionally make submissions anonymous. You have the option to make submissions anonymous, to the public and/or to any juror or reviewer at or below your preferred blind level settings. This can help prevent jurors from making decisions based on preconceived notions they may have about the submitters, especially if some submitters already have a history of success. This also makes it easy for you to hold public voting contests for students whose parents may wish them to remain anonymous.

Make the most of your time by using Submittable’s film and music submission form templates. Create your submission form in minutes by choosing a pre-created form template from our library. Choose from templates for film festivals, music festivals, screenplay contests, podcast pitches, audition videos, and more. All templates are customizable, too, so you can pick one and perfect it to fit your exact needs. Submittable also gives you access to the submission tools you need to easily deploy and analyze your submissions, empowering you to make smarter decisions. And we take submission security and anonymity seriously, so rest assured that your data and insights are safe with us.


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Intuitive & Simple

Simple interface and powerful tools allow you to start accepting submissions in minutes.


We provide variety of plans for your size of organization.

Saves you time that you can focus on choosing the best submissions.


Our advanced customization lets your account grow as your organization grows. Learn more

Intuitive & Simple

Simple interface and powerful tools allow you to start accepting submissions in minutes.


We provide variety of plans for your size of organization.

Saves you time that you can focus on choosing the best submissions.


Our VIP plans let your account grow as your organization grows. Learn more