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Streamline your incoming manuscript, photo, film, audio, or query review process.

Accepting and curating content submissions for publication is the most common use of Submittable and is what the classic Submittable client uses our software to do. Without the right software, managing submissions can be a time and labor-intensive process for magazines, newspapers, and film and audio organizations. Submittable has centralized the submission, payment, and management platforms into a single online location. Allow your submitters to easily submit in any medium, including documents, images, sound, video, and more; establish your team member accounts; and vote on and accept entries in one efficient and user-friendly place. All you need is a browser.

Upgrade your submission workflow right now

Create a call for submissions, and centralize your team’s workflow.

Building an efficient content submission workflow ensures you’re using the most cost-effective way to find the best content for your journal, magazine, film festival, or other organization. Here are a few examples of clients who have used Submittable to streamline their content submission process:

  • tin house


    Editors and their team members can easily accept content for review and curation.

  • the chicago international film festival

    Film festivals

    Film programming committees can review and score film submissions from within their browser, eliminating the need to view DVDs or download large files.

  • new york foundation for the arts

    Juried art exhibitions

    Galleries and museums no longer have to sift through hundreds of emails and attachments in order to curate artwork for their exhibits.

  • techcrunch


    Looking for content for your blog? Blog editors can easily solicit and accept content from guest bloggers and writers.

  • the rachael ray show

    User-generated content

    Corporate brands and media companies can engage their customers by asking them to submit photos, videos, and essays related to their brand.

  • frances goldin literary agency

    Literary agents

    Accept and review queries and manuscripts from authors in one central location.

How to solicit submissions and other helpful advice.

Create an online submission form that is accessible from any device. With Submittable, the submission and review process is simple and elegant. In minutes, you can create a powerful mobile-friendly submission form, place a link or button to the form on your organization’s website, and begin accepting submissions. All you, your team, and your submitters need is a browser.

Create team member accounts with appropriate permission levels. Our permission levels feature enables you to set higher permission levels for administrators, so that only top-level team members can accept and decline submissions, assign them to particular reviewers, and communicate with submitters. You can also set blind permission levels so that team members at certain permission levels cannot see identifying information about reviewers, such as their names and email addresses.

Make decisions faster and smarter. By implementing the above and assigning permission levels to your team members, you can assign all incoming submissions to lower-level team members for an initial review, so that higher-level team members only see valid, highly qualified submissions. This helps streamline your decision-making process and make it more efficient.

Three tips for implementing an optimal content and manuscript workflow.


Build a complete submission category form. Remember, the more you ask of the submitter at the initial point of submitting, the less you’ll need to ask later. Consider requesting a bio and cover letter; details about the written, photo, or film submission (such as length and equipment used, if applicable); information on whether the piece was previously published or screened; and acknowledgement of ownership.


Segment your team properly. An efficient way to curate content is to let lower-level team members initially review submissions first, and then have higher-level team members review the qualified remaining submissions. Use our permission levels feature to assign the appropriate review levels, including optional blind review levels, to each team member.


Use our bulk email system. One of the most common reasons submitters visit their personal Submittable account is to check their submission status. Are you running a bit slower than anticipated, or do you need to change the deadline in your decision-making process? Our bulk email system enables you to contact multiple submitters at once. Our data proves that submitters love to be kept in the loop, and fortunately, Submittable allows you to bulk email everyone right from the Manager interface.

Our largest library of pre-created form templates is for content submissions. We’ve spent hours scouring our database for the submission forms and categories that have performed best over the years. We determined which layouts generally give you the best results, whether you’re asking for paid or unpaid submissions. All templates are customizable, too, so you can pick one, and perfect it to fit your needs exactly. Submittable also gives you access to the submission tools you need to easily deploy and analyze your content submissions, empowering you to make smarter decisions. And we take submission security and anonymity seriously, so rest assured that your data and insights are safe with us.


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Upgrade your process today

Intuitive & Simple

Simple interface and powerful tools allow you to start accepting submissions in minutes.


We provide variety of plans for your size of organization.

Saves you time that you can focus on choosing the best submissions.


Our advanced customization lets your account grow as your organization grows. Learn more

Intuitive & Simple

Simple interface and powerful tools allow you to start accepting submissions in minutes.


We provide variety of plans for your size of organization.

Saves you time that you can focus on choosing the best submissions.


Our VIP plans let your account grow as your organization grows. Learn more