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Professionalize your academic application and review processes with Submittable.

Make an amazing first impression on potential students and parents with a clean and modern application process. Set up your application forms in minutes without any IT staff. Powerful features like form logic allow your questions to dynamically change as applicants answer questions. Looking for audition tapes or personal testimony? The ability to accept high-definition video or audio makes this effortless for your applicants. Reference letters are attached to the application so that all information is in one central place. You can collect application fees without needing a 3rd-party payment platform. Also, your potential students or parents will love being able to apply via any device or browser. With applications that can be started, saved, and then finished at a later date, you’ll see a dramatic increase in application numbers.

Upgrade your submission workflow right now

Create a professional review process, and centralize your students and team members in one place.

Effortlessly share and assign applications as they come in. Score applicants via a basic or customized rating system. Create a rating survey based on academic ability, financial need, or whatever is required for your specific academic review process. There are easy-to-use, yet robust features like Randomize Assignments, which lets you randomly assign applications to a set number of team members. The end result is a great increase in time saved, and a much lower cost linked to your application process.

  • stanford university

    Higher education applications

    Move from paper forms to online, where data can be easily reviewed and shared among colleagues and decision makers.

  • university of memphis

    School permission & release forms

    Simplify the submission and filing system for forms from your enrolled students. Accept and store your student forms online in one central, secure location.

  • berklee

    School applications

    Whether you’re a K-12 school or a large university, you can customize our software to fit your application process. Accept any form of application, including written, video, audio, and images, along with reference letters, in one online location.

  • english language institute

    Program applications

    Whether your program is reviewing domestic or international students, our application forms are customizable to your program’s individual needs..

How to craft an academic application review process and other helpful ideas.

Create an online application that is accessible from any device. With Submittable, the submission and review process is simple and elegant. In minutes, you can create a powerful mobile-friendly application form, place a link or button to the form on your school website, and begin accepting applications. The application form allows you to establish a series of qualifying questions, and correlate all the proper data to the application. You can even send a student a set of follow-up fields (an additional application, for example) if they pass a first set of criteria. All you and your team need is a browser to access and review the applications.

Create team member accounts with appropriate permission levels. Our permission levels feature enables you to set higher permission levels for managers and administrators, so that only top-level team members can accept and decline applications, assign them to particular reviewers, and communicate with applicants. You can also set blind permission levels so that team members at certain permission levels cannot see identifying information about applicants, such as their names and email addresses.

Make decisions faster and smarter. By implementing the above and assigning permission levels to your team members, you can assign all incoming applications to lower-level team members for an initial review, so that higher-level team members only see valid, highly qualified applications. This helps streamline your decision-making process and make it more efficient.

Three tips for implementing an efficient academic application workflow


Build a robust, complete application form. Remember, the more you ask of the applicant at the point of applying, the less you’ll need to ask later.


Segment your team properly. From a managerial standpoint, the best and fastest way to make decisions is to let your team do an initial review of applications and to decline any applications that don’t meet basic standards. Then, have higher-level administrators make the final decisions on the qualified remaining applications


Optionally make applicants anonymous. You have the option to make applications anonymous to team members at or below your preferred blind-level settings. This can help prevent your team from making decisions based on preconceived notions they may have about the applicants.

Make the most of your time by using Submittable’s academic and application form templates. Create your submission form in minutes by choosing a pre-created form template from our library. Choose from templates for school applications, study abroad applications, expense reports, university recruitment, and more. Submittable also gives you access to the submission tools you need to easily deploy and analyze your academic submissions, empowering you to make smarter decisions. And we take submission security and anonymity seriously, so rest assured knowing your data and insights are safe with us.


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Upgrade your process today

Intuitive & Simple

Simple interface and powerful tools allow you to start accepting submissions in minutes.


We provide variety of plans for your size of organization.

Saves you time that you can focus on choosing the best submissions.


Our advanced customization lets your account grow as your organization grows. Learn more

Intuitive & Simple

Simple interface and powerful tools allow you to start accepting submissions in minutes.


We provide variety of plans for your size of organization.

Saves you time that you can focus on choosing the best submissions.


Our VIP plans let your account grow as your organization grows. Learn more