Create a consistent brand experience for your applicants

Make a great impression and provide a consistent brand experience for your applicants by customizing the look and feel of your application page, forms, and communication touchpoints.

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Reinforce and enhance your brand

Every touchpoint with your applicants is a chance to make or break your brand reputation. Ensure every interaction is exactly what you envision with tools to build custom pages, forms, URLs, communication templates, and more.


Self-service when you want it, full-service when you need it

Use a suite of customization tools to craft your program to your specifications. If you need a helping hand or even deeper changes, our solutions engineers have you covered.

Control look and feel

From header image to font family to button styles, control the look of your page and communications. Along the way, you can see a quick preview of how applicants will see your forms. Use custom templates to quickly create custom response communications that compliment your form’s look and feel.

Create a cohesive experience

Give your applicants a consistent, branded experience from when they first start the form to final decision communication.

Leverage custom CSS

For further control, you can partner with our professional services to customize the CSS and URL of your form and applicant portal. With this service, you can ensure your forms and communications look exactly the way you want.

Maintain brand presence

Boost brand awareness by putting your logo, colors, fonts, and more center-stage in all touchpoints.

Get full service

Our solutions engineers can add all the bells and whistles to your branding specifications. No matter the size and scope of your program, all touchpoints can look exactly how you want them to.

Less work and more control

Craft a custom look and feel with little to no effort on your part. Just tell us what you need and we’ll get it sorted.


Create memorable award programs

Run an award or contest that’s not only true to your brand, but also a delight for nominees and applicants. Customize every aspect of your program to create a truly unique and consistent experience from start to finish.

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Built on a powerful foundation

All the power to create custom forms is backed by secure integrations, fraud prevention, and automation to keep the whole process smooth for everyone.

Create custom forms today

Schedule a Submittable demo and see how you can launch a truly unique program with branded forms and communications in a matter of days, not weeks.

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