Full-service funds tracking and delivery

Funding tools from Submittable make it easy to track money awarded to applicants, as well as distribute payments to awardees with the click of a button.

Easy, transparent awards and payments

Submittable's Funds Tracking and Distribution tools have you covered from start to finish.

Easily trigger awards and payments

Evaluate applications and make awards on your timeline. Ready to trigger payments? Simply click the Send Payment Now button.

Hands-free payment delivery

Submittable serves as the awardee's point of contact, and partners with trusted payment vendor Stripe to get payments delivered swiftly and securely.

Holistic reporting to stay on budget

See funds available and awarded at a glance with the Funds dashboard, and receive regular reports on payment progress.

A holistic view to help you stay on budget

The Funds dashboard lets you know where you stand at a glance, facilitating organization-wide transparency.

Why choose Submittable’s funds distribution services?

Benefit from the most efficient and secure way to distribute grants and other payments.

Efficient for your team

Trigger payments with the same platform you’re already using to collect applications and make decisions about awardees.

A great applicant experience

Applicants will appreciate receiving funding quickly and securely from a trusted source.

More time for your mission

With us handling award distribution, you can focus time saved on your important work.

It's easy to get started

Get a free demo account and custom quote for your organization.

It's easy to get started

Get a free demo account and custom quote for your organization.

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