A better, faster, more objective way to review

Submittable’s custom Automated Review feature can assess and analyze vast amounts of data at incredible speeds—leading to better outcomes for all.

Leave the legwork to technology

Automated Review reduces manual labor during the review process so you can focus on what’s most important.

Extract and validate data

Scan files such as tax forms or identification documents to correlate data based on third party databases such as online reviews or social media profiles

Analyze applications

Verify identity using tools that can analyze images or video, and assess application information automatically, including the review of essay questions and various media.

Apply automated scoring

Perform calculations, automate complex workflows, and apply scores based on custom-defined rubric criteria.

Don’t sacrifice quality for speed (or vice versa)

Automated Review answers the fundamental challenge facing modern grantmakers: the need to carefully and objectively review all applications, while moving quickly enough to meet urgent community needs and distribute funds.

The frontier of philanthropy

Automated Review offers a host of benefits to organizations running robust or complex processes and anticipating a large volume of applications.

Review a huge volume of applications, quickly

When the time demand on your staff is impossible to meet, outsourcing review to technology makes it possible to run robust programs quickly.

Automate a complex process

From performing calculations, to applying scores, to movement between stages, automate your workflow across a huge volume of applications.

Reduce fraud and human error

Technology isn’t subject to natural human error, and by cross referencing vast third party databases, it can catch fraud with considerably heightened accuracy.

Avoid misappropriation of funds

By allowing you to more easily identify and reduce fraud, Automated Review can help your organization avoid the messy and often irreversible misappropriation of funds.

Build in manual spot checks for peace of mind

Incorporate redundancies, such as human validation of a subset of applications, so you can move forward confidently.

Maximize impact with better decisions

Apply automated scoring based on your own business logic to let the best applications naturally filter to the top—leading to better decisions in record time.

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