Bias & Inclusivity Resources

Fighting bias and ensuring inclusivity are worth your time. It’s also a process with best practices that evolve as we learn together. Here are some of our latest resources to help you make your organization more equitable, more inclusive, and more diverse.

A Fair and Efficient Review Process for Scholarships and Fellowships

Find the absolute best candidates and ensure the inclusivity of your scholarship or fellowship program by building a review process that is thoughtful, sleek, and rigorous.

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Webinar: How to Create an Inclusive Application Process

Inclusivity enhances outcomes, hands down. This webinar includes best practices for application and submission processes, examples of organizations getting inclusivity right across industries, and digital tools to help you bring it all together.

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Integrating Inclusivity Into Your Submission & Application Process: 7 Key Strategies

Being inclusive isn't just about being fair. It's about improving your organization. In this guide, learn concrete, actionable ways that you can make your submission, application, or admission process more equitable and welcoming.

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The Big Book of Biases: 24 Ways To Identify & Resolve Bias in Your Organization

We all carry all sorts of bias with us, but that doesn't mean we can't do anything about it.

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Improving Conference Speaker Diversity Through Inclusive Strategies

You can prevent all white male panels—and the bad PR that comes with them—with these inclusivity strategies for conference speakers.

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Best Practices For Collecting Demographic Data

Demographic data can help you be more inclusive and fair—but be sure you're getting it in the right way.

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How to Build A Review Workflow to Minimize College Admissions Discrimination

Having an established, consistent review workflow is key to eliminating discrimination from the process.

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How To Reduce Implicit Bias With Anonymous Review

Removing name or demographic information from your submissions can remove bias as well.

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The Tactical Guide to Reducing Bias in Your Grant Application Review Process

To maximize the impact of your grants, you absolutely have to minimize bias.

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5 Sources of Bias in Your Grant Application Review Process

Preventing bias isn’t a game of silver bullets or one-size-fits-all solutions. It's about learning how to identify and reduce bias to ensure a fair process for your applicants.

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5 Tips for Making Your Review Panel More Inclusive

A more diverse review panel means more diverse (and more fair) selections. Learn how to assemble yours.

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How to Write More Inclusive Application Forms

To get the very best applicants, make sure that everyone feels welcomed, affirmed, and understood when you create forms.

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The Ultimate Guide to Creating Accessible Submission Forms

If you aren't creating accessible submission forms, you're excluding a significant part of the population, and doing your search an injustice.

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