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The Art & Science of Better Group Decision Making

From big boardrooms to what's for dinner, decisions are hard. In this guide, we outline the most common challenges to group decision making and how to overcome them through planning, smart strategies, and technology.

What this guide covers

What has research and science taught us about how to make great decisions? And how can technology help us make certain that our team approaches each decision without fear of bias, groupthink, or rash choices? In this guide, learn how to pick the right path or the right person through a blend of proven strategies—plus a little bit of art.

Learn the eight principles of effective group decision making

Making a decision "based on your gut feeling" might be easy or feel good, but it can lead to disaster down the road. These eight principles are proven to lead you in the right direction.

Productive goal-setting and brainstorming sessions

Appropriate confidentiality

Reduced outcomes for reduced stress

Objectivity in all things

Thinking long-term

Leveraging the right data

Using judgement based on experience

A thoughtful final voting process

Be more confident in your team's decisions starting today

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