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Jean Westrick and Sam Caplan

FOMO vs skepticism: AI strategy for grantmakers who feel both

Jean Westrick offers advice for grantmakers who are curious about artificial intelligence and want to embrace it responsibly.

FOMO vs skepticism: AI strategy for grantmakers who feel both

19:02 MIN

Jean Westrick explores how funders can navigate the new era of technology without disrupting their mission.



This episode of Impact Audio features Jean Westrick, executive director of the Technology Association of Grantmakers, as she digs into how grantmakers can stay mission focused in this new era of tech. 

She covers:

  • How to balance digital transformation with other big challenges

  • Where AI fits into efforts to make grantmaking more inclusive

  • How some grantmakers are already using AI


Picture of your guest, Jean Westrick

Jean Westrick

Jean Westrick is the executive director of the Technology Association of Grantmakers, a nonprofit organization that cultivates the strategic, equitable, and innovative use of technology in philanthropy. Westrick brings two decades of experience building communities, leveraging technology, and leading innovative and programmatic strategies. Prior to being named executive director of TAG, Westrick was the director of IT Strategy and Communications at The Chicago Community Trust where she led change management efforts for the foundation’s $6M digital transformation initiative. Also, while at The Trust, Westrick directed On the Table, an award-winning engagement model designed to inspire resident action that was replicated in 30 cities nationwide. A longtime advocate for equity in STEM education, expanding technology access, and increasing science literacy, Westrick holds a Bachelor of Arts from Michigan State University and a Master of Science from DePaul University.

Picture of your guest, Sam Caplan

Sam Caplan

Sam Caplan is the Vice President of Social Impact at Submittable.


Episode Notes:

Transcript coming soon!

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