The Benevity alternative for CSR teams that care about employee experience

Submittable is easier (for everyone!) to use and much quicker to launch than Benevity. Plus, we’re actively developing genuine advancements in corporate giving technology.

Benevity isn’t designed for how employees want to give

Benevity has cobbled together a huge platform with a ton of features thanks to a slew of acquisitions between 2018 and 2021.1

But, it doesn’t matter how big your CSR platform is if your employees don’t like using it.

Benevity forces employees to:

  • Give on Benevity’s timeline, not theirs2

  • Navigate byzantine search functions3

  • Deal with unhelpful or simply nonexistent customer support4

As an incumbent with 68.81% of the market share, this poor experience affects us all.5 Industry numbers prove we need change.


Of employees say they want employee giving and volunteering programs.(6)


Of employees participate in giving and matching programs. Down 1.6% from 2020.(7)

Submittable is building CSR tech your employees will actually like using

We’re actively building new technology that will redefine the employee giving experience for years to come.

Employees can give whenever and however they like

Employees should have full agency over who they give to and when. And, they need these opportunities to give and volunteer to come to them. We’re building tech that allows employees to:

  • Receive giving awards for things like wellness challenges

  • Give directly to organizations of their choice – yes, even sub-organizations like local chapters

  • Create their own giving and volunteering events 

  • Track all their giving and volunteering in one place, including all receipts for tax season

Simple UX that doesn’t add work to their plates

Giving and volunteering programs shouldn’t create more work for employees. With Submittable, your employees will get:

  • Automations, like auto-logging VTO

  • A simple way to find and engage with volunteer events, giving campaigns, and ERGs 

  • Integrations to meet employees where they work, whether at their desk or in the field

Customer support that truly cares

Our purpose is to help you fulfill yours. Every Submittable client gets:

  • Customer support for admins, employees, and nonprofits alike

  • Employee onboarding that’s quick and easy to learn

  • Quick launch times, most programs launch in less than two weeks

Benevity vs Submittable: Capabilities at a glance




Grant application collection and review


Anonymized grant application review

Collaborative review

In-app communication

Automate review workflows

Funds tracking and disbursement

Database of vetted nonprofits

Employee volunteering

Dollars for Doers

Personal impact dashboards

Micro-actions and challenges

ERG and affinity groups



User gamification and leaderboards

Giving and matching

Automatic matching

Comprehensive reporting 

Fundraising and donation collection

Connecting giving to employee engagement programs (e.g. wellness challenges and kudos programs)

A persistent wallet for all of an employees giving dollars

Overall Capterra rating



Capterra likelihood to recommend



Capterra customer service rating



Number of Capterra reviews



Benevity was great four years ago

In 2020, Benevity became a unicorn, reaching a $1.1B valuation.8  And they’ve behaved as such ever since: an acquisition spree, layoffs, and declining customer service.9, 10

Recently, we’ve heard about price hikes and what sounds like feature deprecation.

One CSR manager we spoke to ran an annual giving campaign with Benevity. In 2024, Benevity told them it wasn't possible to run that program on their platform anymore. And in a scramble to find a Benevity alternative, they found us.

Benevity is stagnating.

When evaluating CSR software, ask yourself:

Do you want a platform built for 2020? Or one working to define corporate giving in 2030?

Submittable is the forward-thinking Benevity alternative

Schedule a demo today to see how Submittable compares with Benevity.

Here are a few more Benevity alternatives

We know we’re not the only CSR platform around. We encourage you to do your research and make the best choice for your team. 

Visit our comparison page here to explore a few more Benevity alternatives. Besides who's on that page, you may also want to look at newcomers like Groundswell or Deed. 

We’re confident that once you see our platform in action, the choice will be clear. You can dig deeper into our philosophy on our “Why Submittable” page.

Why Submittable