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"Our team was spending over 100 hours each month sifting through content. Submittable’s back end clinched the deal."


"Thank you for building such a lovely lovely system."

"Because of Submittable we're getting back on the Post Office's good side, not to mention the trees."

Carey Salerno,

Executive Director

Alice James Books

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Elke Govertsen,



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Adam Robinson,

Founding Editor

Publishing Genius

"We're thanking our stars we switched to Submittable over the summer. Our site was recently hacked, and then hacked again, and again...We're limping back up again, but through the whole thing, we were soooooo relieved that we had moved on to you guys and your safe, non-infected, hosted platform!"

Dave Housley,



"Slowly but surely Submittable is becoming a vital tool for anyone trying to run a magazine of any size. (Esp. if you want to make money)."

The Newer York Press

" blew our minds. All of our submissions flowed through that tool. We could assign them to people for review and editing."

"We're moving through submissions so much more quickly now."

Stephanie G. Schwind,

Managing Editor

The Colorado Review, Colorado State University

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Diane J. Wright,


Seedpod Publishing

"It's like all the old, heavy machinery has been replaced by bright balloons."

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The Collagist

"As a nonprofit, Submittable is a truly valuable resource and is allowing us to reach greater audiences with each call we produce through your site. Thank you for an amazing website with outstanding customer service."

Laura P.,

Development Manager

The Arts Council of the Valley

"I can't get over how perfect it functions and how damn easy it is to customize the form. For my application and anyone using it for art submissions, you guys nailed it."

John Calsbeek,

Preparator & Assistant Curator

Missoula Art Museum

"I absolutely love Submittable. I use both the browser version and the [mobile version] virtually every day, and I've actually recommended it to others for contests, hiring, etc."

Anitra Budd,

Managing Editor

Coffee House Press

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Chelsea H.,

McSweeney's Quarterly & Books

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La Petite Zine

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Truth Thomas,


Tidal Basin Review

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Five Chapters

"When we began structuring the application process for our artists-in-session program, our staff spent a week researching all options for small organizations with a limited budget. Initially it seemed that we were doomed to pay exorbitant fees for the service, or hire a web designer to build submission capability into our existing website--also out of our price range. Then we found Submittable... software that provided user-friendly interface for our staff and our applicants. Whenever we had a question regarding our account, a Submittable representative emailed us right away with helpful troubleshooting techniques."

Allison Freedman Weisberg,

Executive Director & Founder

Recess Activities, Inc

"...editor's dream come true."