Your entire application or submission process, simplified

Collect and review any type of content in one easy-to-use platform

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One platform, endless solutions

Whatever your goal, we can help make it happen. Submittable manages millions of submissions for thousands of organizations just like yours.

Collect any content

Quickly create a branded portal and custom forms to receive nearly any file type.

Cut the clutter

Save hours of time by eliminating tedious and manual administrative work.

Choose with confidence

Collaborate with your team to review applications and select the best submissions.

Create a painless applicant experience

Stand out with an intuitive and modern application experience. Quickly create a custom portal and online forms that make it easy for applicants to review your guidelines and submit their work.

Easy-to-use tools

Drag and drop fields into your form, and easily move, add, and delete sections. Make your portal unique with customizable settings, detailed applicant instructions, and branded details.

Smart forms

Create dynamic forms that automatically hide or reveal questions based on an applicant’s previous answers. Choose from more than a dozen question types, including text fields, dropdown menus, and checkbox lists.

Flexible file uploads

Accept more than 50 different file types, including text, images, audio, and video. View submissions directly in your browser without downloading any files.

Turn tedious tasks into time saved

Your time is important. Bring your application materials, review notes, and communications together, in one central place. You'll never lose a submission or waste time on manual data entry again.

Workflow automations

Automate repetitive administrative tasks to move applicants between review stages, send updates to applicants and team members, make team assignments, and more.

Bulk messaging

Accept or decline submissions individually or in batches using our templates or by creating your own. Applicants don’t feel kept in the dark and you get fewer email queries—a real win-win.

Organization tools

Search for and group submissions by assigned team member, date received, review status, custom labels, and more. Access any submission content and history in one click.

Collaborate with your team

Seamlessly navigate the entire review process in one place, keeping everyone fully engaged and notified of changes. You’ve all got the right version, and everybody’s on the same page.


Choose from automatic or random team assignments, or manually assign submissions for review. Manage team members’ access with five different permission levels.

Custom review options

Use a simple thumbs up/down review scale, or create a custom review form to ask exactly the questions you need. Auto-score responses to rate submissions faster.

All in-one portal

View application materials side-by-side with review forms, team notes and comments, and submitter communications. No more downloads, printing, or endless email back-and-forth.

Powerful Support

Submittable’s software includes unparalleled technical support for your applicants, reviewers, and administrators. Get your application management process started quickly with personalized help from Submittable’s expert technical support, onboarding, and account management teams.
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One of the biggest value adds for me is the experience that I get from the people at Submittable. Yes, we take a lot of advantage of the tool itself, but every single time I, or anyone else, has had questions, we always get a quick, logical solution to our problem.

Keith Clements

Director of Creative Operations, SANDOW

Secure and reliable

Submittable is built on a modern cloud infrastructure with privacy and security features designed to ensure the safety of your data.


Valuable connections

Submittable offers hundreds of integrations with your favorite applications and tools, and a custom API, to help you do more with what you already have.


Create a custom plan for your organization

Create a custom plan for your organization