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Fund the future

Support future leaders and innovative ideas with a streamlined scholarship or fellowship process

Streamline your process

Collect, manage, and review scholarship or fellowship applications, all in one platform.

  • Simple for applicants

  • Efficient for administrators

  • Easy for reviewers

Put your best foot forward

If your applicants are faced with outdated forms or an inconvenient process, they may rethink applying. Quickly create modern, on-brand forms that make finding and applying for scholarships or fellowships easy.

  • Create an on-brand portal and custom online forms

  • Filter out unqualified applicants with smart forms

  • Send letter of reference requests and follow up forms

  • Accept any type of document or media file

Free up administrative time

Reduce your administrative workload, freeing up time and money to focus on your mission and increasing your program’s effectiveness. Submittable is designed to integrate with your system—your requirements, your workflow, your communication—while automating the repetitive, time-consuming tasks.

Select the right applicants

Put your funds to their highest possible use with an efficient, straightforward review process that helps you hone in on the perfect applicant.

  • Create your custom review process from simple yes/no scales to advanced reviews

  • Review all application materials in one location. No emails or downloads required

  • Use notes and comments to collaborate with your team and find the best applicant

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It’s a vital tool as we begin the application process year to year.

Lance Cleland

Tin House Workshop Director

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