Lesson 8: Manage your process


Submittable is all about streamlining and simplifying your process from start to finish, including lots of time-saving shortcuts for managing the middle of your process. As submissions come in, take advantage of Submittable tools to communicate with submitters and team members, organize submissions, and gather additional information.


Keep all communication in one play (and out of your email inbox). Use notes to share information internally and in-app messaging to communicate with submitters, members of your team, or both at the same time.

Make notes

Under Activity inside any submission, leave a note. Designate who this note should be visible to and select Add

Create messages

Inside a submission, on the right-hand side, click on the Messages tab. Select New Message, or if you have already received a message, select Reply. Submitters can initiate communication if Enable Submitter Messaging is checked in More > Account > Profile. Learn more about messaging in this article.


Label submissions to keep them organized and to quickly take bulk actions, such as assigning or accepting a group of applications. Sort and filter submissions to work with the subset that concerns you.

Label submissions

You can label submissions from inside a submission or from the list view. Label multiple submissions at once by clicking the checkbox next to appropriate submissions from the list. Learn more about labeling submissions and auto-labels to help organize your workflow.

Filter submissions

From the submission list view, select Show Search Filters. Customize your search using the appropriate fields. Search for name or keyword using the search bar at the top right. Find out more about using search filters to view specific submissions.

Other forms

As your submission process progresses, you may wish to build new forms to collect more information, such as to request a follow up report or gather release forms or acceptance of terms.

Build another form

When you select Forms, you will see a list of available form types for your account to your left. Potential form types include Initial Forms, Additional Forms, Reference Forms, Review Forms, and Internal Forms. Each of these forms will use the same form builder and form fields. The different forms available in Submittable can be used to gather the information you need, from the right person, at the right time in your process.

Explore ways to use Submittable

Submittable is powerful enough for any workflow, but easy enough for any team to use.

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