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Rachel Mindell

Impact Audio: Trailer

Welcome to Impact Audio. Here’s the lowdown on what’s coming up.

Impact Audio: Trailer


Join Submittable for a new audio series dedicated to social impact—highlights, insights, and in-depth exchanges. Here’s the lowdown on what’s coming up.



Impact Audio features short conversations (and a few longer ones) with experts, professionals, and practitioners, in the field of social impact.


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Rachel Mindell

Rachel Mindell is Special Projects Editor at Submittable. One of the highlights of her job is talking with social impact leaders about their work and learning more about how technology can help accelerate positive change.


Hi everyone. You’re listening to Submittable’s Impact Audio. I’m Rachel Mindell. I wanted to warmly welcome you to our new program, focused on the world of philanthropy, nonprofits, corporate citizenship, and social change, and I wanted to offer a preview of what you can expect to hear. But first, a few questions. 

Do you wish you had more time for content that matters? For content that might help you work more effectively, think more broadly, and contribute more meaningfully? Me too. Submittable is a social impact platform and I’m a content marketer—every day I see countless articles, guides, webinars, and conferences on social good that I wish my schedule allowed for. If you’re anything like me, you try to squeeze great ideas into the gaps, like as you commute, on a dog walk, or during dinner prep. Impact Audio was designed with that reality in mind, yours and mine. 

Most of our program will feature short conversations with social impact experts and practitioners—we’re talking episodes under fifteen minutes and content organized around key concepts, perfect for your times in-between. Missed the full webinar? We’ve got you covered. Too rushed to read that guide? Listen to the expert interview instead. 

Impact Audio will also offer a few extended, exclusive deep dives, for those precious longer pauses, a special chance to really dig in. 

Every episode will be centered around compelling, timely, and essential topics in the field of social impact, including the future of grantmaking, the evolution of corporate social responsibility, shifting power in philanthropy, impact strategy and measurement, and antiracism, to name a few.

We’re excited for you to listen in and be part of Impact Audio. Even if it’s just for a few minutes at a time. Until very soon, take good care. And thank you.

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Impact Audio features short conversations (and a few longer ones) with social impact experts and practitioners. We cover the world of philanthropy, nonprofits, corporate citizenship, and social change.