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Chris Battles and Sam Caplan

25 years in CSR tech: Hard-won advice from an industry insider

Chris Battles shares insights from his two and a half decades developing and implementing technology for CSR programs.

25 years in CSR tech: Hard-won advice from an industry insider

21:48 MIN

Chris Battles explores how technology is unlocking a new level of employee engagement in CSR.



This episode of Impact Audio features Chris Battles, impact engineer & CSR software architect at Elwern Associates, as he shares insights from his two and half decades developing and implementing technology for CSR programs.

He covers:

  • Three things successful CSR programs all have in common

  • The key to engaging employees in today’s distributed landscape 

  • How AI and technology unlock deeper employee engagement


Picture of your guest, Chris Battles

Chris Battles

Chris Battles began his career in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) 26 years ago as a member of the founding team at CyberGrants. He helped grow the organization from the world's first online CSR solution to a company, now part of Bonterra, that supports 50% of the Fortune 100 and facilitates over $6B worldwide annually. During his time there, Chris created CyberGrants FrontDoor, consolidating and optimizing online activities from over a thousand online portals into a single secure location for nonprofits. He also architected CyberGrants Disbursement Solution, enabling companies to outsource payment of gifts, matches, and grants through a donor-advised fund administered by CyberGrants. Chris is currently an Impact Engineer and CSR Software Architect at Elwern Associates. Learn more about Chris at linkedin.com/in/chrisbattles

Picture of your guest, Sam Caplan

Sam Caplan

Sam Caplan is the Vice President of Social Impact at Submittable. Inspired by the amazing work performed by grantmakers of all stripes, at Submittable, Sam strives to help them achieve their missions through better, more effective software. Sam has served as founder of New Spark Strategy, Chief Information Officer at the Walton Family Foundation, and director of technology at the Walmart Foundation. He consults, advises, and writes prolifically on social impact technology, strategy, and innovation. Sam recently published a series of whitepapers with the Technology Association of Grantmakers titled “The Strategic Role of Technology in Philanthropy.”


Episode Notes:

Full transcript coming soon!

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