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Replace your fellowship application management process with a streamlined, all-in-one system.

Fellowship applications can be stressful for both the applicant and the organization. While entrants struggle to gather their information, project proposals, and letters of recommendation into one place, the fellowship’s administrators spend time and money to keep the information organized and the applicants informed. Submittable’s fellowship application software is designed to help both sides keep the fellowship application process painless and fair, so that the right fit can be found efficiently.

A quick introduction to Submittable

  • Collect

    Create branded, custom forms that make applying for a fellowship intuitive and stress-free. Applicants can request references via Submittable and responses are automatically attached to the applicant’s file.

  • Review

    Read personal statements, project proposals, essays, and more while sharing notes and comments on applications with colleagues. Avoid space-eating downloads and lost application materials.

  • Select

    Choose your fellowship winners with confidence, knowing that everyone was vetted in a fair and uniform manner. When you’re done, send out automated notifications and export reports that shed light on your process and pool.

Link the right candidates with the right fellowships 

Teaching fellowships, research fellowships, and corporate fellowships all have the same goal: finding the right person to fill a special opportunity. But doing so can be challenging, from advertising for the position, to collecting applications, to selecting the perfect fit from a mountain of eligible entrants. With Submittable, the process is efficient and intuitive, from start to finish. 

Automate and track communications 

Keep every communication with applicants in one place, from queries and updates to acceptances and follow-ups. Automated bulk status updates save hours, keep messaging consistent, and make sure that everyone receives information at the same time. Even after you’ve chosen your fellows, use Submittable to help with their funds dispersal, tax forms, testimonials, photo and bio information.

Collaborate in one space, no matter where you are 

Meetings with the review committee, often over several rounds, can be needlessly long and difficult to coordinate. Collaborating on Submittable makes communicating, commenting, and voting easy, even for low-tech participants.

Grow your fellowship and strengthen your brand 

Having a customized, modern fellowship application through Submittable can increase the quality and quantity of your applicant pool while promoting your brand. Using our free or paid marketing services to connect with new submitters grows your reach even further. 

Submittable gets five out of five star independent user reviews on CapterraExperts Choice 2019 award from Finances Online

About Submittable

Submittable has collected more than 10 million submissions from thousands of customers worldwide, helping organizations of all sizes select the best candidates for their contests, awards, scholarships, and fellowships. The platform provides a start-to-finish solution for collecting, reviewing, and selecting submissions, saving administrators hours of productivity each week. An industry leader, Submittable’s fellowship management platform has earned five-out-of-five star user rating on Capterra, an independent research website that compares multiple fellowship management platforms.

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