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Step into a room with five experts to see what’s next for the world of corporate social responsibility. Learn from their insights to create your own programs built on trust, equity, and empathy.

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2023 Speakers

Photo of John Brothers

John Brothers

President, T. Rowe Price Foundation

Under John Brothers’ leadership, the T. Rowe Price Foundation has become a CSR pioneer with their trust-based social good model. John shares his perspective on how funders can stop asking for proof of impact and start building trust.

Photo of Fred Tan

Fred Tan

Head of Global Social Impact at Hewlett Packard Enterprise

With the launch of the climate tech accelerator program, Hewlett Packard Enterprise aims to support the development of new climate technology. Fred Tan explores why the climate crisis demands radical innovation, and how to take an ecosystem-level approach to sustainability.

Photo of Devi Thomas

Devi Thomas

Global Leader, Nonprofit Community Capacity, Microsoft Philanthropies

At Microsoft Philanthropies, Devi Thomas collaborates extensively across global teams to build new technology with and for nonprofits. From her vantage, she sees how the blurred lines between public and private good are reshaping the philanthropic sector.

Photo of David Hessekiel

David Hessekiel

President and Founder of Engage for Good

In his 20+ years of leading Engage for Good, David Hessekiel has seen expectations around social impact soar. In today’s CSR landscape, neutrality is no longer an option. Companies have to take a stand and find authentic ways to put their values into action.

Photo of Jaimie Vargas

Jaimie Vargas

Head of Global Social Impact, Electronic Arts

Jaimie seeks to make every employee at Electronic Arts an agent of social change. By making corporate social responsibility a collective effort, she creates transformational programs that shape the company culture at every level.

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1 panel, 5 interviews, and a wealth of ideas

Sit down with Sam Caplan, host of Impact Audio, and five industry experts to learn how social impact teams are adapting their work for 2024 and beyond. They share their individual and collective visions for the future, including:   

  • How tech can make CSR work more human-centered

  • Where business and social good intersect

  • Why corporate social responsibility is everyone’s work

Along with the panel discussion, you’ll get access to exclusive interviews with each guest. These videos will give you a new perspective on what’s next for CSR and how you can prepare.

2023 THEME

Channel the momentum

After a surge of urgency around their work, corporate social responsibility professionals are in a unique position to redefine what it means to work with a purpose. Now is the time to tie the work we do today to the future we want to see. The goals may be lofty, but the vision is grounded in the everyday hustle and grit of real people.


Sam Caplan

Sam Caplan, Vice President of Social Impact at Submittable, will be your guide as we dive deep into past, present, and future of the world of CSR and social impact

Sam has served as founder of New Spark Strategy, Chief Information Officer at the Walton Family Foundation, and director of technology at the Walmart Foundation. Driven by an interest in the intersection of technology and philanthropy, he consults and writes prolifically, recently publishing a series of whitepapers titled “The Strategic Role of Technology in Philanthropy.”

Sam Caplan

What is Impact Studio?

Impact Studio is a new home for social impact professionals to explore the complex ideas that underpin social change. Impact Audio was the first step and we’ve since expanded to include an annual event (this one!). More to come in the coming months, so stay tuned.

Who is Submittable?

Submittable is a social impact platform that makes it easy to launch, manage, measure, and grow your social impact programs. From grants and scholarships to awards and CSR programs, we partner with you so you can start making a difference, fast.