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The Submittable Impact Report - 2021

Submittable was proud to partner with thousands of organizations in 2020 that, through the programs and opportunities they created on our platform, did so much good. We surveyed nearly 750 of our customers to find out what difference Submittable made.

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Hear from Our Customers

What You'll Learn in This Report

Wondering what kind of a difference Submittable might make for your organization? Hear from our customers, in their own words, the impact Submittable has had across their process, through a notoriously tough year—from reaching goals around diversity, equity, and inclusion, to keeping teams focused and effective while everyone was remote. Packed with data provided through our survey and with customer testimonials across industries, this report paints a picture of what you could expect as one of our happy customers.

What's covered in the report

The 2021 Impact Report covers our customers' experiences of the following topics in detail:

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Response to COVID

Ease of use

Value derived from the platform

Time savings

Challenges faced before Submittable

Overall satisfaction

Time to launch

Applicant experiences



Measuring results

Submittable's technical support

Product enhancements

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