Speaker management software for seamless event planning

From collecting a knowledgeable and diverse group of speakers to organizing speaker logistics at your event, Submittable’s powerful speaker management software has you covered.


Start-to-finish, no-sweat speaker management tools

Never wade through your email, wrangle content, or juggle folders again. Instead, keep all of your speaker information on one central platform, from bios to important documents to communications.

Make calls for speakers or papers

Set up a branded website and create an intuitive entry form to collect speaker submissions from far and wide.

Select a stellar lineup

Pick panels, guests, and keynote speakers using a remote online review system easily customized to fit the needs of even the biggest teams.

Organize every last detail

After you choose your speakers, easily collect documentation, send group emails, and communicate clearly without ever leaving the platform.

Manage all of your speaker information in one place

Eliminate wasted time organizing emails, documents, papers, reviews, and other content (at least when it comes to speaker management).

With Submittable, each speaker’s information lives in one central location, including:

  • Email correspondence

  • Copyright agreements

  • Contracts

  • Tax forms/W-9s

  • Room assignments

  • Session schedules

  • Social event RSVPs

  • Travel reservations

  • Special requests

  • AV needs

One platform for the full lifecycle of your event

Submittable makes speaker-centered events like conferences, festivals, panels, sessions, and exhibitions easy to organize, before, during, and after the occasion.

Attract quality speakers and performers

Tear down barriers to entry with accessible and customizable forms. Up the quality and quantity of your submissions while making it easier for applicants and attendees to upload almost any type of file.

Amass a crack review team

Gather a group of diverse, experienced reviewers, train them in minutes, and pick your own scoring system. Avoid long meetings and scheduling nightmares by conducting conversations and voting online.

Achieve diversity without a fuss

Quickly put processes in place that ensure a just selection system and make it easy to assemble a diverse panel that stands up to public scrutiny. Utilize tools like single- or double-masked review, anonymous commenting, and anonymous scoring to stamp out favoritism.

Never lose a document

Collect documents, papers, content, and information both during the application process and afterward. Communicate with everyone through the platform so you never lose an email. View over 60 types of files without downloading.

Send and organize emails

Send email correspondence in bulk for acceptances, denials, thank yous, notifications, document requests, and surveys. Also send documents for completion like contracts, schedules, and W9s.

Collect and analyze data

Using tools like auto labels, tracking, and advanced reporting, reflect on your speaker pool and event by analyzing your data—and make improvements for next time.

Peer review for speaker papers and abstracts

Review papers and abstracts using a streamlined process that saves everyone on the team time while ensuring that the system is as fair and just as possible to submitters and attendees. Find the best papers fast.

Having anonymous review promotes fairness. You’re not sitting in a room where the person who speaks first, or the person who speaks loudest, or the person in a position of power sways the other reviewers.

Lynn Metcalf

Cal Poly, Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

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