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Find the best content faster with Submittable’s top-rated submission management software.

Submittable was created with the publishing industry in mind, and helps thousands of publishers intake submissions every day. Submittable’s submission management software streamlines and simplifies the submission process, for publishers, presses, and media outlets of any size. With Submittable, you can quickly create online forms to accept any content, and then review submissions and collaborate with your team—all from one easy-to-use platform.

A quick introduction to Submittable

  • Accept

    Don’t lose out on the best submitters with an antiquated or cumbersome submission process. Set up an online form in minutes with our drag-and-drop form builder.

  • Organize

    Publishing can be a chaotic mess of paper, email, file downloads, and storage systems. Bring all your submissions and review notes together in one platform.

  • Decide

    Hone in on the best content faster. Review, comment, and collaborate with your team—no matter their location—from one user-friendly platform.

Simplify submissions

If your submitters are faced with outdated forms or an inconvenient process, they may rethink applying. Quickly create modern digital forms that clearly communicate your requirements and collect any type of content and information you need. Simple drag-and-drop tools make it easy to create and edit forms—no IT help required.

Take the pain out of finding talent. Our creative submitter community is made up of more than 600,000 professional creatives, including writers, photographers, filmmakers, and more. Use Submittable’s free or paid marketing services to connect with new submitters, helping you curate quality submissions faster and grow your reach.

Streamline review

Streamline the review process by organizing submissions, review notes, and messages into one platform. Our intuitive design makes it easy to collaborate with your team, near and far, and to keep your review process moving.

Create custom review questions with text-based and numerical fields, or use a simple thumbs up-down rating scale. Reviewers can see submissions and comments in one screen—no back-and-forth, searching through emails, or downloading required. All comments and decisions stay with the applications. Simply archive and view any submission and its review history with a single click.

Automate tedious tasks

Don’t waste time manually providing status updates for every submission. Submitable’s bulk update tools let you accept or decline submissions in batches. Default email templates keep your messages to submitters consistent, while reducing your time spent replying.

Automate repetitive tasks like moving applicants between review stages and making team assignments. Label submissions automatically to help filter and search by responses. Collect submission fees up front, and use add-on fees to sell optional subscriptions, memberships, merchandise, and more.

Submittable gets five out of five star independent user reviews on CapterraExperts Choice 2019 award from Finances Online

About Submittable

Submittable is the industry-leading submission management software for publishers with five-out-of-five star user reviews on Capterra, an independent research website that compares multiple publishing management platforms. Thousands of publishers, big and small, streamline their submission and review process with our all-in-one platform. Our easy-to-use, cloud-based submission management software makes it simple to create online forms to accept any content and to set up a custom review process to collaborate and review submissions with your team. With less administrative work and clutter, you can focus on what’s most important: finding the best content for your publication.

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