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Focus on your mission: Scholarship, fellowship, and grant management software for nonprofits

Supercharge your giving with Submittable’s top-rated scholarship, fellowship, and grant management software.

Submittable helps thousands of nonprofits, from large foundations to small community organizations, collect and review applications. Whether you’re awarding scholarships and fellowships or providing grants, Submittable lets you manage your entire application workflow—from online applications to post-award reporting—all from one platform. Applicants and reviewers love the intuitive, modern forms and review tools, while your team will appreciate the streamlined administrative experience.

A quick introduction to Submittable

  • Accept

    Your application process should welcome applicants—not deter them. Create custom online application forms that are stress-free and intuitive to encourage diverse, quality applicants.

  • Review

    Keep volunteer and staff reviewers happy and organized—no matter their location or tech-savviness. Submittable brings all your applications and review notes together in one user-friendly platform.

  • Report

    Once you’ve found your best applicant, communicate your impact to your community, board, and other stakeholders. Advanced reporting tools and visual dashboards tell the story of your team’s hard work and progress.

Discover the right fellowship, scholarship, and grant applicants 

Fellowship, scholarship, and grant programs all have one goal in common: finding the right person or project to fill a special opportunity. But finding that perfect fit can be a challenge. With Submittable, you can quickly create an online application perfectly designed to collect exactly the information and materials you need. Attract quality applicants and make your opportunity more equitable and open with an intutive, easy-to-use platform.

Save your team's time for what matters most 

Managing an application process can be challenging, from collecting and reviewing a mountain of application materials, to coordinating your team, to selecting the perfect applicant. And nonprofit teams are too often working with a shoestring budget and overtaxed staff. 

Take the stress of your team with a nonprofit application management platform that makes the process efficient and intuitive, from start to finish. Submittable keeps every communication with applicants and reviewers in one place, and automated bulk status updates save hours, keep messaging consistent, and make sure that everyone receives information at the same time. 

Keep stakeholders in the loop and happy 

Nonprofits often answer to many masters: volunteers, boards, donors, community, government, or business groups, funding organizations, and more. 

During the process, Submittable makes communicating, collaborating, commenting, and voting easy—even for low-tech participants. Volunteers and other stakeholders are more likely to keep supporting your program when it's easy to participate and limits the amount of time required of them.

Submittable's advanced reporting tools and visual dashboards make sharing your team's progress and final results as simple as a few clicks. 

Submittable gets five out of five star independent user reviews on CapterraExperts Choice 2019 award from Finances Online

About Submittable

Submittable has collected more than 10 million submissions from thousands of customers worldwide, helping nonprofits and organizations of all sizes select the best candidates for their grants, awards, scholarships, and fellowships. The platform provides a start-to-finish solution for collecting, reviewing, and selecting applications, saving administrators hours of productivity each week. An industry leader, Submittable’s nonprofit application management platform has earned five-out-of-five star user rating on Capterra, an independent research website that compares multiple nonprofit scholarship, fellowship, and grant management platforms.

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