Submittable’s 2022 Impact Studio Conference

Purpose built

A free virtual audio conference on how to build your CSR program (and career) around a clear purpose.

When: Wednesday, October 12, 2022

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About the Conference

1 day, 6 sessions, and a whole lot of practical advice.

Sam Caplan, host of Impact Audio, teams up with industry leaders to create blueprints for navigating a CSR career, building a social impact program, and adapting to changing times. Together, we’ll tackle tough issues like:

  • Anchoring your CSR program in authenticity

  • Measuring the success of a social impact program

  • Building a social impact career

This year’s theme: Purpose built

“Purpose” ties the world of social impact together. It's what keeps us all pushing toward a vision of a better world. Let's explore what it means to build upon this greater purpose day-in and day-out.

Speaker and Topics

Conference Agenda

8 am PST

Constructing a purpose-built career

Angela Parker, CEO and co-founder of Realized Worth

How do you create a career path that aligns with your values? Angela shares insights about what skillsets are most in demand, how to pitch and get approval for your ideas, and how to keep your life’s purpose front-and-center, no matter what your career throws at you.



What is the ‘S’ in ESG, and how do you measure it?

Carmen Perez, founder and partner at Better Next

You need the right frameworks to define and measure the effects of your social impact program. Carmen digs into how to build these frameworks, exploring the nuances of outputs versus outcomes, how CSR and ESG terminology is evolving, and the standardization of social impact data.



What the data says about the future of social impact

Kari Niedfeldt-Thomas, managing director of corporate insights & engagement for CECP

To understand the future of corporate purpose, we need to look to the data. Kari guides you through the numbers, insights, and new trends revealed by CECP’s 2022 Giving in Numbers and Investing in Society reports. 



Live panel discussion

Join a live panel discussion with our guest speakers as we take a moment to process what we’ve heard and get a peek at what the following episodes have in store.


A blueprint for high-engagement CSR programs

Patricia Toothman, social impact manager at Splunk

Get an inside look at a growing social impact program. Patricia walks through the innovations she’s pioneered and lessons she’s learned leading Splunk’s volunteering, giving and matching, and community investment programs.



Lessons from the future of CSR and corporate volunteering 

Jen Carter, global head of technology & volunteering at shatters the traditional CSR mold in a variety of ground-breaking ways. Jen gives you a glimpse into the future of corporate philanthropy as she explains how to tap into every employee’s unique potential.


Your host: Sam Caplan

Sam Caplan is the Vice President of Social Impact at Submittable. He has served as founder of New Spark Strategy, Chief Information Officer at the Walton Family Foundation, and director of technology at the Walmart Foundation. Driven by an interest in the intersection of technology and philanthropy, he consults and writes prolifically, recently publishing a series of whitepapers titled “The Strategic Role of Technology in Philanthropy.”


Join an exclusive peer community

All attendees will receive an invitation to an exclusive Impact Studio Community LinkedIn group where we’ll host live listening parties for each session. Before the event, you can network and share knowledge with speakers and fellow attendees.


Help raise $10,000 for local nonprofits

When you register for the Impact Studio Conference, we’ll add to our donation fund for local Missoula or Seattle-based nonprofits. Our goal is to raise up to $10,000 total, which we’ll split evenly between four nonprofits doing important work in their communities.

Your registration builds on the work Submittable’s employee-led corporate purpose team. This past summer our team worked to disburse grants to each of these nonprofits and a few others totalling $20,000 of support.

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Save your seat for the first-of-its kind audio conference for social impact practitioners. It's totally free and when you register, we’ll donate to a local nonprofit (so invite your friends too).

What is Impact Studio?

Impact Studio is a new home for social impact professionals to explore the complex ideas that underpin social change. Impact Audio was the first step, and it’s now expanding to include a conference (this one!), an upcoming community, and more.

Who is Submittable?

Submittable is a social impact platform that empowers you with tools to launch, manage, measure, and grow your social impact programs. From grants and scholarships to awards and CSR programs, we partner with you so you can start making a difference, fast. 

Can’t make it on October 12?

No sweat. All sessions will be available after October 12 for you to listen to on your own time. You just need to register. Note that your donation only counts if you register before the event starts.