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Discover is a new searchable marketplace that enables submitters to explore and save diverse creative opportunities from inside their Submittable accounts.

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How can I find and follow creative opportunities?

So you’ve created something brilliant. Next step: find it a home. Create a Submittable account (or sign in) and let Discover match you to the right opportunities. This free tool offers access to thousands of calls for submissions and makes it easy to narrow the pool, save, follow, and submit submit submit.

How do I submit?

When you’ve found a great opportunity, create an account or sign in. Follow instructions for submission, upload your file(s), and click submit—boom! You’ll get a confirmation email in two shakes. If you have any trouble along the way (with attachments, for example), we’ll assist ASAP.

What happens after I submit?

Check up on your submission anytime by signing in—the submission status will tell you how far along your submission is in the review process. Forgot your password? It’s easy to reset. Do be aware that each organization has their own reviewing system and patience is a virtue—questions regarding wait time are best directed their way.

What if I've made a mistake?

Say you view a new submission and find a typo. Zero worries: you can either request an edit or withdraw your submission and send along your revised work. FYI, any refund requests must come to us directly from the organization, so kindly reach out to them if and when you need to. You can usually find the organization’s contact information on their website.

What if I don't receive a notification or my submissions are suddenly missing?

If a submission is accepted or declined with no email, something may be awry (settings? spam filter?). Contact us. Sometimes submitters will often have multiple Submittable accounts without realizing it. Did your submissions disappear out of the blue? Try signing in with another email or get in touch.

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