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Take a closer look at some of Submittable's features.

How to build a form

This video shows you how to build a form in Submittable’s drag-and-drop form builder. Forms are what your applicants or submitters fill out to be considered for your opportunity.

Intro to Impact Reports

Measure and report on your impact through automated aggregation of your qualitative and quantitative data.

Introduction to Concealed Responses

Concealing responses helps you run an objective review process by reducing bias when you conceal personally identifying and other applicant data from your review team, such as demographics.

Introduction to Labels and Auto Labels

Labels and auto labels are time saving tools that keep your data organized and streamline your workflow.

Intro to Eligibility Forms

Learn how to screen applicants for eligibility with Eligibility Forms, the easy way to be respectful of the time of both your applicants and your team.

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