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Trust-Based and Data-Driven Grantmaking: How to Find the Right Balance

Learn how to embrace a grantmaking strategy that centers community voices and taps into the power of your data.

What this guide covers

Get concrete advice on how to weave community perspectives into your data strategy. Draw inspiration from real-world examples and learn the tactics that will help you to build a balanced approach.

How community input strengthens data integrity

Community perspectives provide important context for your data, helping you:

Capture the full impact of your work

Connect conditions to broader systemic forces

Identify missing or inaccurate information

Inspire deeper community engagement and buy-in

Pinpoint gaps in your programming

Understand how your data reflects the community’s lived experiences

Break out of the binary

Stop seeing trust-based or data-driven approaches as mutually exclusive. This guide will teach you how to build a nuanced and equitable grantmaking strategy.

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