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Transforming Grantmaking: Maximizing Impact Through Improved Grants Management

Grantmaking is always evolving. In this guide, learn the newest key trends in grantmaking today as well as strategies, technologies, and best practices that can improve your overall grant management process and increase your overall impact.

Strategies, technologies, and best practices

What this guide covers

A comprehensive look at the evolution of grantmaking, this guide covers key foundation trends, the best practices of effective grantmaking, and an in-depth look at seven different ways technology is making grant management more efficient and effective.

Grantmaking Best Practices

This guide covers the six mainstays of effective grant management.

Developing an excellent application experience

Collecting and analyzing data

Building a lean workflow

Streamlining the reporting process

Assembling a fair and efficient review team

Setting up modern grant management software

Level up your grantmaking process

Download our guide for practical, actionable steps toward better grant management.

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