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Integrating Inclusivity Into Your Submission & Application Process: 7 Key Strategies

Being inclusive isn't just about being fair. It's about improving your organization. In this guide, learn concrete, actionable ways that you can make your submission, application, or admission process more equitable and welcoming.

What this guide covers

Inclusivity and diversity results in better outcomes for everyone, from your submitters and applicants to your organization's employees, company culture, brand, and mission. Learn why inclusive practices are such an overall win, along with step-by-step guidance on how to integrate inclusive practices into your existing processes.

How to Take Steps Toward Inclusivity

Inclusivity shouldn't be a nebulous goal or idea. It can be created and engendered through smart policies and processes.

Create a diverse review board

Write inclusive forms

Learn how to run anonymous reviews

Learn the principles of inclusive language

Run inclusivity workshops

Find more diverse candidates

Reduce barriers to entry

Collect and analyze submitter data

Create accessible forms and webpages

Inclusivity starts here, today

Download the guide for practical steps toward integrating inclusivity into your submission and application processes.

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