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Sending Help Fast: Setting Up & Managing Emergency Grants in Times of Crisis

Learn nine strategies for quickly setting up and awarding emergency grants from organizations who have succeeded in the past.

Taking action in crisis

What this guide covers

Learn nine practical, actionable strategies related to setting up and running emergency relief grants as they were developed by the organizations that quickly and efficiently responded to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Emergency relief grant management strategies

Emergency grantmaking is different from traditional grantmaking in several key ways. Learn how.

Successfully move to remote work

Reduce grantee burden

Communicate transparently

Collaborate and form partnerships

Simplify the application process

Adapt your website

Streamline your review process

Change your approach to reporting

Recognize it's an imperfect process

Get help to others today

This guide will help you act quickly and deliberately so that your support can reach your community as soon as possible.

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